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Three Anti-Impulse Buying Reflections This Christmas

Christmas day is fast approaching. A couple of weeks more and you’ll be opening a lot of gift boxes and read tons of greetings in Facebook or Twitter. You’d probably be using Pinterest this time around to share Christmas posters and greeting cards. Cheapskate, aren’t you. 😉

Most of you must have already started enjoying your bonuses and the fruits of your hardwork. Some of you have probably took some of profits and dividends from your investments. Heading out for the malls or fair this weekend to buy gifts for family and friends?

However which way you may have received those blessings and how you want to enjoy them, it is best that you prepare yourself and your emotions for the probability of impulsive decisions this Season.

Consider asking yourself the following reflection questions before pulling out those crispy bills or credit cards out of your wallets.

1. Am I Just Carried Away by Christmas Songs?

While walking through the SRO crowd of Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo or the good ‘ole Megamall in EDSA, you suddenly hear the song “Christmas Won’t Be The Same Without You” play in the air. You felt really sad because you can’t even sing that song to someone very special. Because you’re single. 35 years single.

Beware of pulling out that credit card from your wallet when you hear some mushy, not-even-really-a-Christmas-song, but really just a mushy, spongy, effusive, stupid love song played during Christmas inside shopping malls.

A lot of sad single folks are mad with money they go on a shopping spree just because they are still single.

Don’t worry, just keep on hanging out with your good friends. Join some volunteer work this Christmas. Who knows? You might just meet your someone very special by offering some labor of love for others.

2. Will My Neighbor Buy This Also?

Sometimes we buy something really expensive (and unnecessary) just because YOU KNOW that your neighbor or your most-hated officemate, classmate, transport service-mate, chessmate, or playmate, will definitely buy that also.

Why compete with your neighbor with the same thing when you can settle for something less expensive and useful? Whatever it may be. If you are already investing, re-invest that money instead if you don’t have anything planned out for your money to buy something worthy.

If you’re not investing yet, consider attending some paid personal finance seminars before Christmas instead. Educating yourself may just be your magic money and positive people magnet for the the coming new year.

3. Have I Already Listed Down All My Relatives and Friends for Gift-Giving?

Check out your list. You may have forgotten that relative or friend of yours who may have helped you out during those times when you needed a hand. It’s time to pay them back some symbol of gratitude.

Instead of spending your 5-digit extra money on a gadget that you won’t even use all its features, divide that money into hundreds and have all your nieces and nephews without savings accounts open them with you in the bank of your choice.

Or better yet, donate that money to the Red Cross for the survivors of typhoon. You are blessed to bless others with that money.

These are just three of countless reflective questions you can ask yourself this Christmas. Think a lot times if you really need to purchase that thing for yourself.

Moreover, pray for it and discern if you really need it.

“The plans of the diligent end in profit, but those of the hasty end in loss.” – Proverbs 21:5

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P.S. 2. Visit the Philippine Red Cross site below to donate whatever amount you can for the victims of typhoon “Pablo” in the Philippines.

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