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MediaKit-RTR (Nov-2017).001 





1. Banner Ad Placements

This is 728×90 banner ad unit placed at the top of the website’s page and is one of the first things that visitors see upon arriving on the blog. This banner is site-wide and appears in all pages and posts, including the front page.

This is a 336 x 280 ad block located at the sidebar and receives a lot of visual attention from visitors. This ad only appears in published posts and pages of the blog.

Banner placement advertisers will receive free monthly ad performance reports which shall contain the number of visitors. This includes those who saw the ad and the number of people who clicked the ad and other details.

2. Sponsored Articles and Guest Posts

This blog accepts sponsored posts and articles that can help promote your product, service or event. A sponsored post shall be informative in nature, with details based on the data which can be supplied by the sponsor.

For sponsorship rate card and speaking engagement fees, please email

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