How To Plan Your Retirement in the Philippines

Based on several studies, most Filipinos never seriously plan for their retirement. Most often they think about it later only in their working years with SSS and GSIS pensions plans in mind. And ironically, many also rely on their kids as part of their retirement plan.

We always dream about how we should spend the rest of our golden years. It is there right inside our hard small skulls most of the time. Which makes retirement one of the most important parts of our lives. As much as possible we want to enjoy our retirement years in simple and comfortable lifestyle.

This why it is very important to plan everything to achieve whatever goals we have. Planning for retirement requires long term vision, discipline, and commitment. One also has to learn how establish funds, invest it in placements that grow to achieve the needed amount for retirement years, and preserve them in order to not derail those original plans. Continue reading

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How To Give Wisely

Everyday we hear about people affected by calamities, or tragedies, or those who are in extreme poverty needing immediate financial assistance. As a steward of God’’s wealth, how should we respond to all these?

Each one of us should exercise wisdom whenever give. We are not responsible to give a hand to each of the so many ministries and charitable causes that we encounter and hear or read about on TV, radio or the internet. We are not required to donate every time there is a call to give.

If you are caught in such situation, pray for wisdom to make the right choice. Sometimes you have to say “No” to a letter from an organization soliciting funds from you for a worthy cause. You don’t need to feel guilty or sinful for rejecting requests for donations.

But here are some healthy suggestions to help you donate a portion of your savings wisely. Continue reading

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Who’s It Gonna Be? – The 1st Angat Pilipinas Personal Finance Awards

For the very first time in Philippine personal finance industry history, our group Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy will be recognizing the efforts of individuals and organizations that financial literacy in the country.

The Angat Pilipinas Awards (APA) Night is a celebration of people and for people in the Philippine personal finance, investment, and entrepreneurship arenas. This is where we can focus our spotlight on financial institutions, banks, government units, NGO’s, personal finance bloggers, mentors, coaches, advisors, social media groups, authors, teachers, print and broadcast media – so often the unsung heroes of microeconomic progress and financial literacy movement in the Philippines.

The Angat Pilipinas Awards (APA) is the first and only personal finance awarding event in the Philippines that is set to launch in April of 2015. Continue reading

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Is It Sin To Die Poor?

My parents both came from poor families. Okay, both my parents are related to their respective middle class clans. But because they grew up during the post-WW2 years, were almost everyone struggled financially, recovering from poverty was hard for them to accomplish.

To answer the question whether it is sin be born poor, my answer is an obvious No. But if one chooses to stay poor, then that is equates to being irresponsible steward of God’s blessings in life. And therefore it is sin to remain and die poor.

But is it solely the “sinner’s” fault to not know how to overcome poverty during his or her lifetime? What if the society he lives in does not provide opportunities for him to learn how to gain wealth and stop being poor? Continue reading

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Join the Pisobilities Caravan 2014 with Colayco Foundation

It’s about three years already since OFW UsapangPiso have partnered with Colayco Foundation for Education in spreading financial literacy to Filipinos here and abroad.

As our ardent commitment to serve you and provide you with quality seminars and educational events, we are presenting another wisdow-filled educational tour with Pisobilities.

Pisobilities is one’s ability to earn and manage his one peso and the possibilities of making that same one peso work for him.

Join best-selling author and financial guru Francisco J. Colayco, together with the Colayco Foundation team as we bring you the PISOBILITIES CARAVAN 2014, a life changing event that will teach you the basics of growing your money through wise money management and passive investing. Continue reading

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How To Start Making Money Online With An e-Book

Wondering how you can earn thousands, if not millions, via the internet without much capital? A lot of people have done it and they did it successfully.

Do you love reading? Do you love books? This passion of yours may turn into big money if you will commit yourself to learn the trade secrets of making money through selling e-books through the interent.

And no, this is not that “legal scamming group” that recruits people to sign up and “sell” e-books but in the end has nothing to win back after exerting all efforts to spam Facebook groups and social media pages.

This secret will help you how to do it yourself without the need of disturbing other people’s lives and privacy. You will create your own e-book and sell it yourself in the internet.

Continue reading

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Join The Truly Rich Club Christmas Ball 2014!

This has been long overdue. The first TRC Christmas Party should have happened back in 2012 but really, there’s a time for everything. Even for partying. ;)

And so we’re having it this year! Although this is a strictly-for-TRC-members-only event, I will be giving away two slots to attend this event under my name. Email me at if you want to attend.

Are you ready to party, TRC? Here’s Bro. Bo’s invitation to you! :)  Continue reading

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Can You Buy An Insurance Product Online?

Many OFW’s have started to realize and understand the importance of insurance for them and their family members. This is the result of the financial literacy awareness projects being pushed by several individuals and groups.

However, there are cities and countries that have limitations when it comes to buying life insurance products. Or OFW’s simply have no access and means to get in touch with financial advisors in the country of their work.

Just a couple of days ago, I bumped into an old friend who works at AXA Philippines and told me about their latest marketing strategy to offer their insurance products: The AXA Insurance Online or AXA iON. Continue reading

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On Gilas, Laban and Puso In the Game of Life

The Gilas Fever is not yet over. In fact, it’s just started. After the Cinderella run in the elimination round of the FIBA Worlds, the Philippine team still emerged as champions in the hearts of both the Filipinos and foreign fans. Yes, they lost 4 times and won only once. But in all those almost-won-close-games, what really prevailed was the big heart or “puso” that has really earned the admiration and respect of all.

Here’s a very heart-warming blog from a friend who was very well known for giving enlightening and non-biased advise to her listeners and followers. Being the other half of the very popular and sorely missed puso-filled Paul and Cherry of Lite Rock Favorites of the Week (LRFW) of the defunct radio station, 96.3 WRocK, Cherry once again shares her wisdom and personal views about Gilas and how this can relate to our everyday lives.

Sit back, read, and be inspired! Puso! :) Continue reading

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