ALERT! New Scams To Avoid This Year (2015)

After receiving a lot of requests, complaints, threats, and all, we’re back to warn our friends and kababayans from joining these potential and possible frauds that are now posing to prey on the weak and fellow greedy.

The list, as always, will not be long. But they should be worth taking a further look before thinking of joining them.

Here are some of the companies/groups to avoid starting the middle of 2015. Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE: Bigger & Better ICON 2015 Slated Towards Financial Freedom

Financial planning, entrepreneurship, trading, investment, and stocks… What do these all really mean beyond their dictionary meanings? Do we know what money management exactly means? Are we utilizing what we earn in the right way to invest and create value for a better future? What are the risks involved when it comes to trading and stocks? These are a lot to think about. It might even sound complicated and intimidating, but this is where Randell Tiongson’s ICON 2015 comes in. Hailing from the success of last year’s ICON 2014, Tiongson makes a comeback with a conference that’s bigger and better, and promises to have more in store. Continue reading

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Pre-Order Now! The Adventures of Pepot Kuripot and Dora Gastadora

Pre Order Special!!! Until May 20, 2015!
OPTION1: (25 slots available)
Get an original artwork (a page from the comic book) + Pepot & Dora book = P1,500

OPTION2: (10 slots available)
Get an original sketch (small sketch of one of the characters from the book) + Pepot & Dora book = P1,000

Freebie + Pepot & Dora book (for pick up only)


Book price (inclusive of shipping charges via LBC:
- PHP210.00 (if your delivery address is within Metro Manila)
- PHP250.00 (if you are from other part of the Philippines)

Deposit Php120.00 only if you personally pick up your book at our office at U2807 28th Floor Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower 2210, Chino Roces Avenue (Pasong Tamo), Makati City, Philippines 1230

Please pay/deposit your payment to:

Account Name: Mercedes Pilar C. Feliciano
Peso Savings Acct. 0239-0507-78
BPI Las Pinas

BDO Unibank
Account Name: Bernard Y. Gutierrez
Peso Savings Account No.0063-9008-3725
BDO SM Marikina Branch

Account Name: Bernard Y. Gutierrez
Peso Savings Account No. 167-3-167-41815-6
Metrobank Shaw Blvd.-EDSA Branch

Email us your full name, mailing/home address, email address, and contact number together with a scanned copy or clear image of your deposit slip/proof of payment to

You may also pay via Paypal by sending payment to email address

Also available in major bookstores soon!

To follow up on your orders, please call/sms 0917-874-8042 or 0916-295-3058

Visit for more details!

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Is It Correct To Wait for Correction?

In the stock market lingo, a correction means a reverse movement going towards a negative figure by at least 10%. This usually happens in order to adjust for an overvaluation in stock prices. However, these corrections are just temporary downward movement but is oftentimes believed to be a signal that a bear market is about to happen or in worst case scenario, a recession.

Many people who are recently introduced to stock market begin to panic whenever they hear the “oldies” mention about the “correction scare” or the “big downturn”. Even if a correction would actually mean a good opportunity for new investors to pack in their savings and funds into the stock market.

But should new investors really have to wait for the stock market correction to happen before they start putting in their money? Continue reading

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How To Be Happy in Business, Missions, and Relationships

It’s been a very busy two weeks for me, my family, and my organization Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy. That’s why it took me some time (two weeks) to write another article.

My wife and child are both quite enjoying our vacation in our newly-constructed home in Lipa City. As you know, the new house we’ve built is sitting on a paradisiacal and quiet village of nature farms and retirement homes of celebrities and political personalities. Once you sat on the porch, it’s hypnotically relaxing. As if it would be fine to be late for your work or appointment.

The only letdown is the weak internet signal which is really disappointing for someone like me who make a living online and depend on it 24/7. God is definitely sending me a positive message on why I have to surrender my internet life for now. Continue reading

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The Family FQ Workshop by the Faustos

My good friend Rose Fres Fausto, a family financial literacy advocate, will be hosting an event called Family FQ Workshop on May 9, 2014.

This workshop aims to help parents and children to work together in attaining the richer quality of life  and relationships they deserve.

Here’s a take away from Rose’s article on the Philippine Star and her blog Continue reading

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Why You Need To Stick To Your Investing Strategy

Everyone wants to rule the world these days.

But even though it’s a fact that there are no easy ways to get rich quickly, there are some few lucky folks who get the moolah that they dream of in a very short period of time. Some are plain lucky because they won the lotto or the the jackpot at the casino. And very few investors and traders just really know how to choose the right stocks and become really big time winner using his few millions.

But this does not happen most of the time to many people. As Bo Sanchez’s book would say, “The Turtle Always Wins”. In that book, it’s mentioned that consistent and habitual effort that count most in achieving success in the investment world. Continue reading

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Rock Bands and Artists That Rock About Personal Finance

I have been a musician for more than 2 decades already. Gosh, it’s revealing my age! I’m already 25! ;)

As I have been saying to my fellow financial literacy advocates, we can not stay educators of the rest of the Philippine nation with our “boring” methods of teaching if we really want to reach out to every Filipino. We need to be more creative and more entertaining in a way in order for us to be heard and craved by people to be heard again.

That is why in our upcoming Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards 2015, we’re bringing in our celebrity volunteers like Jojo Alejar, Joyce Burton-Titular, Jao Mapa (why do their names all start in letter “J”???), Miriam Quiambao, etc. as we believe that with their following and showbiz influence, they can be great ambassadors of financial literacy. Continue reading

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Angat Kabataan! The APC’s Youth Summer Camp 2015

When I read in an American news website that the the US kids do not get enough financial education in school, my heart broke. Not for the American kids but for the Filipino youth.

If the Americans find it very unfortunate that the majority of their students do not receive even a basic financial foundation, what more about our Filipino youngsters?

In the US, some 15 to 20 states require high school students to take a personal finance or economics course as a requirement for graduation. In the Philippines, only a handful of private schools offer mandatory subjects tackling entrepreneurship, cooperative management, banking basics, etc. Continue reading

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