Of Red Flags and Investment Scams

“I have investment for everyone who are interested.
Invest 10k for 6months time.
And the end of 6months
You get 15500 fixed amount. Pm me.

No scam
No bogus
No networking
Pure investment” Continue reading

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ALERT! New Scams To Avoid Before 2015

It took us several months to add more to our list of potential fraudsters and scammers before the end of the year 2014. But at least we’re doing all we can to help you be informed about these money and reputation killers.

So, have you though about protecting your bonus this coming Christmas season? Just be reminded that it pays to study first any business offer before investing your hard-earned cash.

So without further ado, whatever ado means, here are a few more teeth-nashers and fist-clenching online and offline sons-of-a-GONE that you shouldn’t even think about putting your money in. Continue reading

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Picket Lines: Dialogues Between Eves, Among Eves and For Eves

Our poet friend and financial literacy advocacy supporter Kooky Tuason is launching “Picket Lines”, a coffee table book about female power and beauty expressed through poetry and visual expression. It features 100 photos of women with poems written on their bodies. Picket Lines embeds poetry on select women’s skin and images to make powerful statements about the lives of women.

Continue reading

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Does God Look At Your Numbers?

We have been teaching about saving money. We have been teaching about growing them in investment placements such as the stock market or in businesses. We have been teaching about setting goals for our future. But is stacking up wealth the ultimate and only thing in life that we need to do?

In the Parable of the Talents, there were three servants who were entusted by their masters with “talents”. The first servant was given five talents; the second one with two talents, and the third one with one talent.

For those who are wondering what those “talents” mean in the Bible, this is not about the physical gifts or skills such as singing, dancing, playing basketball, being good in math, et. al. The word talent here pertains to the unit of measurement used for weighing precious metals such as silver or gold. It is also a unit of currency used for computing a laborer’s wage. One talent is equivalent to 6,000 denarii or equivalent to twenty years of work of an ordinary laborer. Continue reading

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What is Warren Buffet’s Golden Rule in Investing?

First of all, Warren’s last name is pronounced as ‘Buh-phet’. As in Bah-fet. Not “Booh-fay”. Got it?

Now, who is Warren Buffet?

Warren is an American business mogul, investor and philanthropist. He is considered as the most successful investor of the 20th century. He is also the chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway (a holding company that owns Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, etc. and partially Coca-Cola, American Express, and IBM).

Recently, he bought battery legend Duracell in exchange of about $4billion worth ff Procter and Gamble shares that he held for quite sometime. He is consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people and was even named in 2012 by Time magazine as one of the world’s most influential people. Continue reading

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How To Pay Forward Your Learnings

In one way or another and somewhere along your life’s journey you encounter opportunities to learn new things. New things that would change your love anew and maybe for forever. Or sometimes these aren’t new things at all but rather new discoveries of your special skills, knowledge, or even experience that somehow has contributed to the good of your organization or the society as a whole.

In my personal experience of sharing what I have learned from mentors, only a few heeded the call of joining the financial litersacy missions and mentoring other people. Many of them, after gaining the knowledge, has kept the “secrets” to themselves or to within their small circles of friends and family members.

And so the questions to ask ourselves, are we willing to share whatever we receive from others whether its material or spiritual in nature? Do we save the goodness and the benefits only for ourselves and for our loved ones alone? Do use our talents not only to earn from it or to help others who need them most?

Every gift, talent, wisdom, expertise are powerful gifts that deserve to be shared. It may be yours to keep since you worked hard to have it. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it to yourself only. You have a mission to go out into the world to liberate people and inspire them to believe that they can achieve whatever they badly need in life. Continue reading

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When Money Isn’t Enough

Coming from a job interview one gloomy, humid Saturday back in 2002, I came across a middle-aged lady shaking as if she had fever on the corner of EDSA and P. Tuazon Street in Cubao in Quezon City. Her face grimacing in pain and anxiety. She told me her name is Nida and she travelled all the way from Bicol to look for her sister. But she ran out of cash looking for her sister’s home address in Quezon City.

I asked her if she’s eaten already but she said her mouth and stomach just couldn’t take in food. In fact, she already had her plastic bag full of food and some cash given to her by passersby. She was in real, burning, freaking pain. And no one dared to listen to her.

Realizing we both didn’t have enough money in our pockets, I decided to look for help from the nearest police outpost. I told the two police officers about the situation of Nida who was just outside their station for since early morning. Continue reading

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The Adventures of Pepot Kuripot and Dora Gastadora

I have always been a big fan of our good friend Pol Medina, Jr. and his “baby” Polgas, the anthrophomorphic dog of the Sungcal family of the very popular comic strip Pugad Baboy.

Aside from finding out if my articles submitted to Youngblood were already published, reading the weekly Pugad Baboy was one of my main reasons for having the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper every Sunday back in the 90′s. I would cut out the comic strips from Inquirer and paste them on an old and unused photo album as one of my favorite weekend hobbies.

Then Pol Medina, Jr. launched his “very best of Pugad Baboy” and the very first compilation book of his comic strips published on Inquirer.  I had to save money just so I could buy Pol’s book by then.

Good thing one of my cousins is a big fan of Pugad Baboy as well and I didn’t have to buy the succeeding editions of Pugad Baboy collections. Nanghihiram na lang ako. :P Continue reading

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How To Plan Your Retirement in the Philippines

Based on several studies, most Filipinos never seriously plan for their retirement. Most often they think about it later only in their working years with SSS and GSIS pensions plans in mind. And ironically, many also rely on their kids as part of their retirement plan.

We always dream about how we should spend the rest of our golden years. It is there right inside our hard small skulls most of the time. Which makes retirement one of the most important parts of our lives. As much as possible we want to enjoy our retirement years in simple and comfortable lifestyle.

This why it is very important to plan everything to achieve whatever goals we have. Planning for retirement requires long term vision, discipline, and commitment. One also has to learn how establish funds, invest it in placements that grow to achieve the needed amount for retirement years, and preserve them in order to not derail those original plans. Continue reading

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