Changing Our Money Habits

If you buy a treadmill and just decide to make at least 15 minutes of running everyday, do you know that your decision to doing this for the whole year is just going to happen for a few days only? Do you know that when you just “decide” to reduce your spending or to save money, that mere decision will likely not going to happen?

I remember hearing from one of my respected mentors that almost everything that we do everyday aren’t really decisions but rather habits that we ourselves have brought into being along the way. And that includes our “automatic” money habits which are actually one of the main reasons why many people’s pockets get seriously damaged.

One example of this is when you drop by a fastfood restaurant on your way home and order anything that you don’t even like just because you want to bring something to your family members. And even if your loved ones don’t eat them anymore (nagsawa na), you still bring the same value meals and leave them to rot on your dining table. Continue reading

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The Day Aureus Died (Part 1 of a 2-Part Series)

Not one. Not two. Not three. Not even ten OFW’s have become victims of a “promising” managed forex trading opportunity offered by the culprit American Michael Atkins and some Filipino friends based in Singapore to mostly OFW’s around the world. About a hundred or even more people have fed a monster with their hard-earned cash.

In the past several months, our team have been warning OFW’s about the potential trouble that managed forex trading companies may bring them. But still a lot of them didn’t listen and fell prey to one of the predators.

The name of the scamming forex trading monster in Singapore was Aureus Capital. Notoriously known as well as Amasis Capital back in Indonesia. Continue reading

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Is It Okay To Invest in Preferred Shares?

For the past two weeks, many of our members from the Truly Rich Club and OFW UsapangPiso groups have been asking whether it is good to invest in preferred shares being offered by Globe Telecoms. And there were a handful of questions as to what are the differences between common shares and preferred shares since the latter sounds relatively alien to them as new investors.

Most new investors are familiar only about earning through investing in common shares as this what they initially learned from seminars or from other online resources. But  common stock investors should also know is that investing in preferred shares is another way to earn in the stock market. Continue reading

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How To Be Called The New Rich

What is the New Rich Society?

The New Rich Society is an online learning series about creating multiple sources of income.

Its focus is to help Filipinos discover and learn different ways to make money, so they won’t have to rely on just their job salary. Continue reading

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How Much Do You Really Need For Your Retirement?

How much do you really to retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work all your life? The answer may be a bit complicated as there are several factors and variables that you need to consider when computing or estimating it.

Before reaching that retirement goal, factors such as your financial capacity to save, knowledge of investment options, and your target year to retire should be considered.

Our lead trainer at Angat Pilinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Alvin Tabañag, will show us the faster way to estimated the required amount of moolah for a retirement fund in this guest post today. Continue reading

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iACADEMY’s iSCE eyes new heights for ASEAN Integration, welcomes new Executive Director

iACADEMY School of Continuing Education (iSCE) is pleased to welcome its new Executive Director, Mr. Jordan Imutan, who took the lead last July 2014. A seasoned professional whose career spans over two decades of industry innovation and excellence in the IT field, Mr. Imutan now tries to share his learnings and experiences through iSCE in the service of education.

As iSCE’s new leader, Mr. Imutan envisions different strategies of maintaining, improving and ensuring that iSCE continues its excellence through his direction. He sees how our fellow Filipinos can be up-skilled for the coming ASEAN Integration. The Integration is expected to open up and boost investments, create jobs and incomes in the whole region. All member states would then be open to zero import duties for ASEAN products and services by 2015, while all nationals within the state would then be allowed to freely work anywhere in the region without exclusions. Continue reading

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How To Avoid Spending Too Much

Some of our relatives and people we know come home from the mall or the supermarket on a weekend or after payday with bags of goods that they definitely know they don’t need. Whether they admit it or not. Or are you just like them? ;)

There’s a new study that’s saying that there’s a simple solution to this kind of problem and we’re gonna find it out in a bit.

When we visited SM a few months back, a statue of Batman stood firm and tall between the toys’ section and the appliances display area of the department store. It’s as if Batman was saying to SM customers and window-shoppers, “Akong BAThala sa inyo.” ;)

And so we witnessed how many people in the appliances section were talking about buying that fancy P300-salt and pepper shakers on sale when you can actually get the same pair for less than P100 at the public market. Continue reading

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Global Investing Chat Over a Cup of Coffee

My friend Jess Uy will be dropping by Dubai on August 24 after giving a talk on global investing and insurance in Doha, Qatar a day before.

Since Dubai is the stopover airport of Jess on the way back to Singapore, we decided to organize a small talk in a coffee shop inside the Dubai Airport just like what we do in Manila and Saudi Arabia for those who want to learn about financial planning and investing in a more personal approach.

So if you are based in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, check out your schedule on August 24 and make sure you book a slot. Remember, this FREE learning session will be held in a coffee shop and we will only accept a limited number of attendees. Continue reading

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How Does the Filipino Youth Fare in Asian Financial Literacy?

Our local advocacy group Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy is a dynamic financial literacy mission mainly focused on educating the youth on proper money management, financial planning, and investments.

In the past year, we were able to visit some schools in and around Metro Manila not only to teach the students but to teachers, parents and other school employees as well. We believe that if the elders in school know how to spend and save money, the students will find them as great examples and will do the same as well.

But with the Financial Literacy Act or the House Bill 490 still pending implementation in Philippine schools, we have to know if efforts such as our APCFL’s are giving good results at least in terms of improvement in the youth’s attitude towards money. Continue reading

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