The Blog Academy Philippines is Coming Back!

After a couple of successful runs, the Blog Academy Philippines has produced a handful of influential bloggers and are now enjoying “celebrity” status online in their respective fields of interests and expertise.

Not only that, these bloggers have turned their blogs into an online ATM! Yes, an online Automated Teller Machine! One of them even earned Php4million in just 12 months! Kaching-kaching!

This is the reason why we’re bringing back the Blog Academy Philippines to reach out to more deserving individuals who can write and share what they know and their precious experiences.

Missed the previous Blog Academy Philippines sessions? Fret not because it’s coming back real soon! Continue reading

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Top 5 Business Ideas for OFWs Who Finally Want To Settle Down in the Philippines

Working overseas is not forever; at some point OFWs have to go back to their homeland and settle down for good. While they are willing to work thousands of miles away from their hometown, given a chance, most OFWs will definitely save and invest a hefty sum of what they ‘ve earned and will choose to reside here with their families.

Though it will be a huge leap for them from being employed to self-employment—not to mention the sheer amount of money that needs to be invested—what are the possible entrepreneurial vehicles for overseas Filipino workers who want to come home for good? Continue reading

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Have You Scored Your Tickets to #AngatAwards Yet?

Dalawang araw na lang at botohan na para sa Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards!

Watch out for the online voting form to be posted at AngatPH website on February 21!


16 April 2015 | 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM
SMX Aura Convention Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Hosted by Jojo Alejar

with live performances by Filipino music guru and advocate Joey Ayala,
the VoicePH finalist and social entrepreneur Darryl Shy,
spoken word+poetry+music artist Kooky Tuason,

singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Nityalila, and indiepop band Vinyard!

also featuring Miriam Quiambao, EntrepChamp Paulo Tibig, DJ and beauty queen Joyce Burton-Titular, actor and artist Jao Mapa,
inspirational speaker and award-winning author Bo Sanchez, and a whole lot more!

BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW at and witness the honoring of financial literacy advocacy heroes in the country.


Don’t have a PAYPAL account? You may choose to contact 0917 834 0426 / 0917 855 5990 for ticket reservations!

See you there!!

We would like to thank the following:

Manila Workshops

SMX Aura Premier

Truly Rich Club
Real Estate Maven
Salt N Light Ventures
Ayala Land/Alveo

David’s Salon
Mister Bahbas


Radyo5 92.3 FM
Radio Republic
Jam 88.3

Want to be a Sponsor or Partner?
Email us at or visit AngatPH Awards Sponsorship Page

#AngatAwards #AngatAwardsAtSMXAura #AngatPH


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ALERT! New Scams To Defraud Filipinos in 2015

A lot of you are aware that I deleted my previous “scam alert” post late last year. Scammers and online fraudsters did not only attack my article but even threatened me and my family. One of the scammers even sent me the complete address and number of my loved ones. That’s how sneaky you are fraudsters.

I hope you are doing great this time, my fraudster reader after hearing and watching the news about the warning from the Securities and Exchange Commission on Emgoldex. I may have paused for a while but there will be many others who will not back down and continue the fight against greedy people like you.

But let’s end that chapter of your story today. You have some stiff competition that we need to pin down as well. Continue reading

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How To Improve Yourself, and Probably Your Investments Too

While on our way back home from my family’s regular Friday night out, we passed by our favorite bookstore (because it’s the only big bookstore in our place) to check out some new books and learning materials for our 5-year old daughter.

We went straight to the stationery station to buy some pens and watercolor for the arts session of our child. My wife also grabbed an interactive-type Japanese conversational lessons kit. But before we even left the shelves, I chanced upon a small black book that looked very familiar to me.

I usually don’t spend on new books compulsively. But this particular book surprised me as I have been wanting to score a copy of this since last year. Good thing it’s in our bookstore now! Continue reading

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Anyone Who Invests Can Be Scammed

I have noticed so many nasty yet arrogant reactions from netizens against people who either have been recruited by pyramid schemers or are the proponents of the scams themselves.

Most of them are seasoned investors/traders or have been “financially-educated” by financial literacy seminars and Facebook forums. It is as if they are no longer vulnerable to these schemes and fraudsters.

I may sound now like I’m attacking the wrong persons. Do not misjudge me.

I am writing this to let you know that I have close friends who are supporters of the financial literacy awareness campaigns but have become victims of scammers while being an advocate. One was a victim of a managed forex broker and another by a “promising MLM” company.

It’s just so ironic that a few of them were once heavy critics of the scams that they eventually entered in. And lost money in the process. Continue reading

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How To Prepare Yourself For Investing

Why do you invest? Is it just because you want your money to grow? And then what next? Buy whatever you want? And then what next? Become the prettiest and handsomest financially-broken heartthrob in your neighborhood?

Usually, and based on my experience, this post-Christmas month of January has the most number of people getting interested about growing their money. Many ask around online forums, radio or TV shows, and even on news columns about where to keep their money and take profit more than what their money usually get from the bank.

This is probably because most people would always want to have a good start of their lives for the year. Continue reading

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Your Children Are Not Investments

The last four days have been an enormous spiritual experience for me and my family. We may not have been able to see Pope Francis but the video clips, the articles, the news, and the collective prayers of different churches and spiritual communities online have helped us experience the “Lolo Kiko fever”.

The whole Papal visit was all about the children and the youth. From the Villamor Air Base, young students greeted the Pope with songs and dance. When the Pope was on his ‘jeepney’ PopeMobile while plying the streets of Manila and on the way to the University of Santo Tomas, he was captured by energy of the teens and the children. He hugged and kissed babies, toddlers, and the rest of the youngsters. Most of all, the adults showed and expressed the “children within” them.

Now that the Pope has left the country, what lessons have we learned and realized that our children are God’s blessings and not our properties? Continue reading

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How To Protect Yourself When Shopping Online

Christmas Season is over but most people’s shopping don’t end with the Season. There are so many upcoming reasons to shop again such as Valentine’s Day, Graduation Day, and other ordinary celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.

And just like before Christmas, a lot of people go for online shopping as this is more convenient, easier, and quicker to transact. But before one has to click that “Add To Car” button, he or she should make sure that computer’s internet browsers, operating systems and security software are up-to-date. The best defense against viruses, malware, and other online threats is a clean computer.

Here are some other ways to protect yourself when shopping online as provided by Continue reading

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