Why Emergency Cash Is Not Enough During Calamities

The provinces affected by the storm Yolanda has not yet fully recovered. But another howling hurricane battered the same places and destroyed even more, including Metro Manila. And the saddest thing to know is that a lot of Filipino are not prepared for these natural calamities and a lot are clueless on what to do in the aftermath of these disasters.

For those who are building up their emergency funds, you should know that your contingencies should not only mean “cash” but also other important intangibles and physical preparation. Your emergency funds may not always be enough to make your loved ones feel safer.

In order to prepare you for the worst, here are some realizations and very important steps to take in order to protect your families, keep them safer and prepared before any natural calamity. Continue reading

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We’re Going Back To Bahrain!

After conducting a very successful seminar in Bahrain last June 20, 2014, our dear OFW’s based in that tiny Arabian Gulf island will experience another informative session on July 25, 2014.

But before we get into details on what to expect for the next seminar, let us take you back to some of the powerful images from the last event that we had in Bahrain. Continue reading

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Lost At How To Begin Your Investment in the Stock Market?

I know a lot of TrulyRichClub members do not visit their exclusive social site or seldom read the emails being sent by Bro. Bo Sanchez and his team. Most of you have already subscribed but you still want to learn more after reading all our wealth strategies newsletters and our regular stock updates.

And as part of the TrulyRichClub support team, I’m inviting all members who are either followers of my blog or members of the OFW UsapangPiso/Angat Pilipinas Coalition Facebook groups to attend the Quickstart Implementation Seminar in Manila to help you get started with your stock investing journey. But don’t worry if you are from the Visayas or Mindanao or from the provinces in Luzon. The TRC support team and Bro. Bo have plans to visit you and conduct Quickstarts in your place soon!

Here’s the message from Bro. Bo Sanchez as emailed to members and announced in his blog: Continue reading

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How Can OFW’s Secure TIN While Abroad?

The Bureau of Internal Revenue or the BIR has been acting real tough these days. So tough that Filipinos based abroad who are now investing in the Philippine capital and property market have to secure their TIN or Tax Identification Number. Stockbrokers and fund companies have been very active as well in requiring the TIN from all their clients.

With the growing number of inquiries from Filipino investors based overseas as to whether it is possible for them to secure a TIN online, we will be giving you a step-by-step process on how to do it. So get your hands, mouse, and keyboard ready. Continue reading

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Can An OFW Open A Mutual Fund Account While Abroad?

In the past few weeks that we’ve been giving seminars to OFW’s on how to start investing in various financial instruments, a considerable number of them have signified their interest in two most popular types of pooled funds: mutual funds or UITF’s.

One expected question and concern among them was can they really open a mutual fund account in the Philippines while they are working abroad?

Recently, we answered a question as to whether OFW’s with BDO savings accounts can invest in their UITF products. This time we will be giving our OFW’s one answer with complete procedures on how they can invest in this Philippine mutual fund even if they are currently based overseas. Continue reading

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Term Insurance – Is it for Everyone?

This is a guest post from my friend and fellow financial literacy advocate, Jess Uy.:)


Term insurance may seem like the underdog when it comes to insurance policies because it lacks cash value. It may not be for everyone, but one should seriously think about getting a term policy over a whole life if their budget is rather limited.

Affordability is a primary reason why people buy term. It is highly attractive to people on a budget who need high coverage but have limited resources. Plus the earlier you get the policy, the more you save. In fact, savings become exponential the younger you are.

Young families or those with dependents will particularly benefit from this option. This group may find the option very attractive especially since they usually work with limited funds – balancing their financial resources for children’s education needs and retirement savings among other financial commitments. Continue reading

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What Are Securities?

In our recent seminars, one of the most asked questions was “What is a security?” For the first time participant, the word may sound alien or may mean another thing for some. Such as the word security in “security guard”.

A new investor may already probably know what securities are but are not just aware that they are called by that name.

Now, what really are securities? Continue reading

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Ramon Bautista’s TFTFZx Viral Video means #AYOSLangYan

Di ka na nya love? #AyosLangYan!

Season change. Stuvvs happen, ayos lang yan.

tftfzx 10 Continue reading

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