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Playing CashFlow and Learning Financially in Dubai

Promoting financial education to most OFW’s is never easy. In fact, most people would typically shun away when you start to talk about budgeting, frugality, insurance, or investing because they think they sound either elitist or just plain boring. Talk about showbiz or sports and most of them will surely say yes.

Good thing Robert Kiyosaki invented the Cashflow boardgame. The game has been a helpful tool for financial literacy advocates to reach out to people and educate them about improving their finances and growing their money through different investment vehicles.

The OFW UsapangPiso Dubai team led by Cherry Murillo and Normie Pascua, conducted its 2nd Cashflow Game event for the year (and the 3rd major event for the group in 2013) last Friday, November 22, 2013 at the Sweet Pepper Restaurant in Karama.

The learning event was attended by OFW’s based in Dubai, UAE that the group has invited via a handful of social media pages and forums dedicated to promoting financial literacy.


The CashFlow Game – Getting Out of the Rat Race

The participants led by Normie and Cherry started the event with prayer of thanksgiving for making the event happen once more.

The hosts also appreciated the efforts of the participants to attend the event despite the heavy rains. This just showed how eager our OFW’s based in Dubai are not only to play but to learn more about planning for their future and growing their finances.

Participants of the OFW UsapangPiso Dubai’s CashFlow Game and Financial Talks

The CashFlow game started with just 2 boards with 4 players each. A few more folks came in to join and used the third board and was facilitated by Cherry. The first two groups were taken care of by Normie and Anna Cecilia.

The CashFlow Gameboard

Each game was set to 45 minutes but everyone enjoyed playing so the facilitators decided to extend the game to 15 minutes more. Good thing Sweet Pepper Restaurant gave us enough time to finish the event.

Participants Donna Jimenez, Dexter Ventura, and Ronald Arias are the ones who were able to get out of the rat race.

Winners who escaped the Rat Race won Marvin Germo’ and Bo Sanchez’ books!

Winning the game means getting a prize! Each of the group’s winner were given copies of personal finance and investing books authored by Bro. Bo Sanchez, Marvin Germo, and Successful Pinoy Ako.

Right after the awarding, some of the participants were asked to share about their experience and how it helped them get a fresh overview about financial planning and investing.

The OFW Usapang Piso team then presented a slideshow of the previous financial literacy events of the group to re-introduce its advocacy to OFW’s in the UAE.

Books as prizes for the CashFlow Game

On Real Estate Investing

The Good Guys from SMDC which co-sponsored our event gave an introduction on how to invest in property and real estate. They also presented their latest property offerings available back in the Philippines.

The session was more of a Q&A with interested participants clarifying about the properties they purchased from SMDC.

The SMDC Good Guys who talked about real estate investing, flanked by OFW UsapangPiso volunteers Normie Pascua (far left) and Cherry Murillo (far right).

The event’s final segment was a talk on financial planning headed by Franz Angeles from IMG (International Marketing Group).

The participants were glued to the topic and showed their keen interest in setting their goals, assessing their financial conditions, managing debts and expenses, taking care of their health, protecting their assets, investing, and planning for their future.

Sending Our Love to the Young Victims of Yolanda

The event was also an opportunity for everyone to send their stuffed toys and love notes to the children of Leyte, Samar, Panay, and Bohol who are currently staying in evacuation centers and temporary hospitals. This initiative is in partnership with the 1000Bearhugs project as coordinated with fellow volunteer Anna Cecilia.


The team wrapped up the successful event with an early awesome, yummy dinner served by Sweet Pepper Restaurant. It was a great Friday afternoon to remember!

We would like to thank our participants who came all the way from nearby cities and braved the rain to attend our event. We appreciate your eagerness to continue learning new things.

Our heartfelt thanks also to our sponsors, SMDC, IMG, Successful Pinoy Ako, and Sweet Pepper Restaurant for making this financial literacy event for OFW’s possible.

And last but not the least, I would like to personally thank my co-volunteers Cherry Murillo and Normie Pascua for sacrificing their time, effort, and resources to serve fellow OFW’s through this event.

We hope to conduct more of these events to financially educate our Kababayans here in the Middle East and around the world. While it takes more than just seminars and talks to help OFW’s achieve their goals of becoming financially independent, events like these will surely have positive effects in their lives therefore igniting them to pay forward what they have learned.

The next event is set to happen in January 2014 so to our Kababayans in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc. keep yourself posted at the OFW UsapangPiso forum site and Facebook group for updates.

We will bring the game to you and join you in your quest to get out of the rat race! :)

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