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On The Way to Blogging Success with Blog Academy Philippines

A month ago, Fitz and I run a webinar about how to earn through blogging. Fitz illustrated some tips and basic essentials on how bloggers make money online and how they get paid.

While that webinar is basically just a crash course, there is another on-going online project that will focus on helping Filipinos, especially OFW’s, learn how to build a personal brand that will create multiple income streams for them as an authority blogger and make blogging as a potential money-making machine.

Earlier this week, Fitz introduced me to another authority blogger, Jon Oraña, and invited me to become one of their partners in promoting this new project called Blog Academy Philippines.

What is Blog Academy Philippines?
Blog Academy Philippines is an online training school for blogging.

Its focus is to help Filipinos learn how to build a personal brand that will create multiple income streams for them as an authority blogger.

What is an Authority Blogger?
An authority blogger is someone who has built an expert reputation on his or her chosen blog niche – be it food, technology, travel, business, lifestyle, or others.

An authority blogger is an online influencer whom people know, like and more importantly, trust – because he or she consistently delivers quality and unique content to the community.


About the Founders
Blog Academy Philippines is founded by Jon Oraña and Fitz Villafuerte.

Jon Oraña is a business coach who teaches people how to become entrepreneurs at his blog, Eskapology @ As founder, he leads the course development of the academy and will teach blog marketing and brand building.

Meanwhile, Fitz is a business and finance blogger best known for his authority blog entitled Ready To Be Rich @ As co-founder, he will share and teach the academy’s students on content development and income streams.

Academy Mentors
For its first run, Blog Academy Philippines has invited five of the most respected authority bloggers in the country today.

Each of them will share their own blogging stories and teach the lessons they’ve learned along the way to becoming an expert in their niche:
• Jonel Uy –
• Ruby Caberte –
• Avel Manansala –
• Vince Golangco –
• Azrael Coladilla –

Join The Academy
Free blog training is currently ongoing. Join the academy by signing up for Blog Academy Philippines at

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    1. If you are talking about physical books, there’s none that I know of. But i’m pretty sure you can learn how to blog by enrolling for free at the Blog Academy Philippines. Click on the link in the article above.

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