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7 thoughts on “How To Invest in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s) in the Philippines”

  1. hi sir newbie here
    tanong ko lang po interms of mid to long term investing ano po mas maganda? yung ETF or yung mga nasa bank katulad nang metrobank FAMI? im planning to start a mid to long term investment po kasi.
    for your guidance sir

    1. @arenlao, kung meron ka nang stock investing account at gusto mo magkaroon pa ng further diversification ang portfolio mo, pwede ka bumili ng equity ETF shares through your stockbroker. Isa lang sa iniiwasan ng mga experienced investors dito sa ETF ay ang “overdiversification” nito dahil mirrored nito ang lahat ng stocks ng PSE index.

      Kung wala ka pang stock investing account baka pwede mong subukan na mag-open ng equity mutual fund naman through fund companies gaya ng FAMI, Philequity, PAMI, etc. Pwede rin ang mga equity/balanced fund ng UITF’s from BDO, Unionbank, etc.

  2. Hi Burn, what if I buy and hold FMETF for a long term? Is selling thru the exchange the only way I can exit or gain from this investment?

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