Protect Yourself From Identity Theft [Online] (Part 2)

In my previous post, Protect Yourself From Identity Theft (Part 1), we talked about the dangers of exposing your personal details on Facebook such your ID screenshots, passports, licenses, etc.

We also mentioned about the dangers in using credit cards in commercial establishments and I gave the Barnes and Noble credit card fraud incident in the US as an example.

And then we illustrated how a blogger’s account was copied and contents such as photos even with watermarks were stolen by an online thief.

With just those three classic examples of identity theft scenarios, we should remember that social media profiles and personal experience blogs are like public records of your personal information. Even if you decide to delete them later on, someone else must have already stolen what you posted before. Nightmares, huh?

Let’s now see what are the basic measures we can do to protect our identities online. Continue reading Protect Yourself From Identity Theft [Online] (Part 2)

Im Tirtzo, Ein so Ha’agadah (If You Will It, It Is No Legend)

The eager-for-knowledge OFW UsapangPiso-Israel group has just wrapped up its first financial planning seminar series yesterday, November 13, 2012 in Protea Retirement Village, Tel Mond, Israel conducted by the energetic personal finance guru, Randell Tiongson. (The first one was held in Tel Aviv last November 10, 2012)

The group’s coordinator, Charma de Villa, attested to the gratefulness of the attendees of the seminar for the opportunity and the life-changing experience of taking the first step towards financial independence: Learning. Continue reading Im Tirtzo, Ein so Ha’agadah (If You Will It, It Is No Legend)

ArtisteConnect – Crowdfunding for Filipino Artists and Creative Projects

The Philippines is a small country with vast resources of untapped talents and people with almost boundless creative capabilities. Unfortunately, a handful of these individuals or groups are either incapable of funding their own projects, films, albums, books, social causes, and artworks or they just could not find a trusted venue to expose their works.

Struggling Filipino artists, bands, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and organizations have a lot of reasons to be grateful for the creation of ArtisteConnect.Com%