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Mentoring and Learning at TutorHub – A Personal Review

Tutoring without the proper and tested tools is not easy. As a student, finding the right tutor from just any site isn’t even cool.

There are a lot of students and even ordinary people who want to get credible responses or answers for their school assignments from expert tutors. And they are willing to pay the most reasonable amount to someone who can help them out easily.

TutorHub is an online community site where Tutors and Students meet to help each other on courseworks, homeworks, and exams. Students ask questions and finds their own tutors that they believe will give them the best answers. Likewise, tutors can create their own profiles to advertise themselves and their services to students. What’s great with Tutorhub is that they provide the necessary tools and technology to make the mentoring more comfortable and effective for both tutors and students.

And there’s even a “staying safe online” assurance from TutorHub support team so both students and tutors are well taken care of.

Another reason why TutorHub has commendable reputation is that they only provide the portal for students and tutors to get connected without employing the tutors directly. It also does not pressure its tutors to submit unnecessary information during application that other providers normally do. Tutors have almost total control when using TutorHub for their services. The responsibility though is passed on to the parents of students to check on and verify the personality and credibility of the chosen tutors for their children.

Parents and students alike must be aware that tutors can set their own rates on a per hour basis and that all tutors at TutorHub are charging their services by the minute. There is no hourly-based payment and parents or students have to pay only for the time actually spent with the tutor. Tutors can also change their prices as they want.

You can verify the rates by visiting the profiles of our tutors online.

Here are what students can get from using TutorHub for their learning journey:

1) Tutors can be found easily to arrange affordable lessons in no time.

2) Get free answers from the extensive, supportive TutorHub community.

3) Credible tutors are easy to find in TutorHub as they are all CRB checked and are based in the UK.

4) TutorHub has about 500 registered tutors and more than 3,700 registered students and continues to grow everyday.

5) The method for tutoring is via a user-friendly instant messaging system.

6) Tutors are great teachers and have deep passion for learning and education, therefore ensuring the best results that students and parents are looking for.

7) Tutors have the necessary qualifications and are in compliance with the requirements of the national curriculum.

8) Students and tutors can save and store sessions for reference later in TutorHub. No need to be worried about lost notes and answers.

9) TutorHub guarantees a money-back arrangement. If students are not satisfied with the service that they received, they can ask TutorHub to return their money.

10) Pricing is very affordable and can be changed. Services are charged by-the-minute so students will only pay for the time spent with the tutor.

11) Lesser cost and have more flexibility when compared with regular private tutoring.

12) Subjects can be as diverse as students can expect from a great site like TutorHub. Tutors are experts in mathematics, science, history, languages, literature, and even arts.

13) TutorHub has received great reviews from the media such as the BBC Radio Bristol and the Bristol Evening Post.

14) Reachable technical support by telephone and email.

Review Conclusion

TutorHub is a great online tutoring service platform that helps both parents and students in finding the perfect tutors in every subject area. With the growing number of students and tutors currently using TutorHub, finding a tutor with the right specialization to support you on your learning needs, particularly those questions that are part of the national curriculum is easy.

Although selecting qualified tutors need further assurance of their competitiveness, all learning sessions are taken on a pay-by-the-minute basis. In case you change your mind about a specific tutor, you are not obliged to pay for the rest of the hour not consumed in your child’s class.

To find the perfect tutor for your child today, visit TutorHub now!

Regardless if you belong to the young ones or the “young once”, TutorHub is definitely one of the better online tutorial service available for you.

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