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8 Smart Business Ideas That OFW Housewives Can Start This Christmas For P5,000 Or Less

The Holiday Season is just around the corner.  And for our dear OFWs who may be coming home to spend Christmas with their loved ones, this may be the best time to seize the opportunity of starting a small business with the family.

This goes the same for the OFW housewives who may not be able to feel the warm hugs and strawberry kisses of their dear ones abroad either because bakasyon is so magastos (costly) or their amo (boss) is just seloso/selosa (envious) in a business sense of the word.

Instead of spending all the padala (remittances) from your loved one abroad on extravagant gifts and unnecessary wants, why not become an entrepreneur and provide people around you with products or services that they need for the Christmas season.

Here is the following list of 8 smart and innovative small business ideas for the Christmas season for a budget of P5,000 or less.

1. Goodies and Sweets

Almost everyone loves treats, and Christmas is a perfect time to bake and make goodies of your own like cupcakes and cookies. You can be creative enough by offering personalized choices for your customers.

If you are not skilled enough to make these treats yourself, partner with someone who knows how to do them or become their reseller. You can sell these cupcakes and cookies by re-packaging them in baskets or fancy boxes and design the cupcakes or cookies like a cake.

A starting budget for the cookies and cupcakes including the designs and presentation should be less than P5,000. As a friendly reseller, you may not even need a capital if you make wise use of your professional chika-chika relationship with your supplier.

Tip on how to sell: You can use your Instagram or Facebook accounts to promote and encourage orders from your friends and relatives. Maximize your phone camera’s effects to make your foodies look goodies!

christmas cupcakes

2. Various gift items on recycled packaging

Most people find it hard to find time looking gift ideas especially if they are hurriedly getting ready for Christmas parties and events. People exchange gifts during Christmas, and this explains why reasonably priced items like shirts, fancy jewelry, and other exchange gift items sell very well during Christmas season.

You can create personalized packed items in attractive boxes and recycled materials. Products like soap, perfumes, shampoo, bath soap, toys, etc. can be perfect gift ideas that you can package individually or in a mini “balikbayan box” presentation.

Tip on how to sell: Buy those items on sale and innovate designs yourself for the basket and its wrappings for some catchy presentation. Set a mark up of about 50% on the package itself. You can open an account on Lazada or Shopee and make this a long-term business not just for the Christmas season.

3. Kakanin (Puto Bumbong and Bibingka) partnered with Salabat (Ginger tea), Coffee (kapeng barako) or Tsokolate (tablea)

These are our all-time favorite food and snack after attending the solemn Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo. But instead of just presenting the traditional flavors, be a bit adventurous by thinking of unique flavors for your kakanin. Perhaps add some ingredients native to your place like local cheese, fruits, or spices.

Tip on how to sell: Set up a small stall near churches, in front of your house, or in parks during these nights as these are the places where many people spend time with each other after attending the Mass or service.

4. Stuffed Toys

Kids and adults love to cuddle these furry animals, so you definitely have a wide range of buyers to sell to. Plus, with the holiday season ahead, it is easy to sell stuffed toys as gift items. An initial capital of at least P1,000 is good enough for your startup stuffed toy business.

It would be a great advantage if you know how to make personalized stuff toys. But if not, you can hire someone on a per day basis or per order for the job.

Tip on how to sell: Let go of the usual animal or Disney/Pixar character stuffed toys and think of newer and fresher stuffed toy ideas such as small baby bottles, fancy fruits, Cartoon Network characters, or even political figures that you either hate or love. A mark up of 100% to 150% would cover the production cost and sell each stuffed toy at P150 to P500 on various sizes and designs.

5. Liempo Lechon Kawali and Sweet Ham

The Lechon is an ideal part of a well-to-do Filipino family. But for an ordinary Filipino family, a Lechon Kawali is a good alternative since it is way cheaper than the traditional lechon or the popular lechon belly. Another dish that should not be missed is the Sweet Fiesta Ham.

You have to realize that many Moms are too busy for other Christmas and they usually just order other dishes that they can not find time to cook by themselves. 

Tip on how to sell: Encourage orders from Moms as early as December 1 and see how your list will grow before the Simbang Gabi begins. Introduce a Spicy Crispy Sriracha Lechon Kawali to attract family members who want to be “in” the circle of spicy food challenges these days. Startup Capital: P300 to P1,000.

6. Perfumes and colognes

A common Christmas gift that is easier to offer would be perfumes and colognes. Everybody wants to smell fresh and good during parties and reunions so why not take this opportunity to become their fairy scent godmother? 😉

Find free tutorial videos on Youtube on how to make perfume-cologne locally or attend livelihood seminars conducted by TESDA or by various organizations.

Tip on how to sell: Perfume/cologne-making is easy and fun to do, and your profit margin can be as high as 300 percent. You can even create your own brand looking for someone to design a logo and label for your products from affordable service providers like Again, the best way to market this product is through the internet. Startup capital for this business can be as low as P1,000.

7. Plus-Size and Kids’ Clothes

A lot of bazaars and stalls sell clothes as early as October in preparation for Christmas. There will be lot of competitors but always think that demand is always high during this season.

While most people prefer to go to ukay-ukay, bazaars, and mall stores, there will always be a handful of customers who will buy dresses for themselves or as a gift through an online shop. This market includes plus-size women and people who have no time to buy children’s clothings as gifts at the mall. 

Tip on how to sell: Find suppliers of new and trending OOTDs and outfits for plus-size women and children in Baclaran, Taytay, or Divisoria and sell them in the internet (Lazada, eBay, Shopee, etc.). Have a diverse set of designs but limit each to a piece of 3 to 6 for a start.

8. Pre-Loved Items

Christmas time is the best time to de-clutter your life and prepare for a better life next year.

Take a look at your drawers, cabinets, bookshelf, and there’s a big chance that you will find loads of items that are used just once. Some you don’t wear or use anymore but are still in very good condition.

Tip on how to sell: Many people prefer online shopping because of its convenience. Set up a place to take good pictures of those items and sell them online through Carousell.

P.S. My personal suggestion is that you donate your pre-loved clothes, toys, and footwear to charity and sell only those items that can be used by other professionals and working individuals such as your gadgets, make-up kits, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc.

If you are serious in jumpstarting a business idea that will help you and your partner abroad be together again real soon, then you have to prepare your mind first. Remember that going into business will be one of the most crucial decisions in life that you have to make in order for you to accomplish your dreams.

Start small. Dream big. Achieve the unbelievable.

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Rock your way to abundance!


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