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How To Start A Business Effectively

Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many among us. Especially for those who have been employees for the most parts of their lives.

But how do we really start a business? What do we need to have in order to prepare for one? Is it the money? Do we need to have a good business idea first?

I believe that for one to jumpstart a business idea, one has to prepare his or her mindset first. Remember that going into business will be one of the most crucial decisions in life one has to make in order for him or her to accomplish his dreams.

It is very crucial that there have been a lot of failures in the past among many business starters since they were not able to plan properly, they failed to seize the opportunities, and they failed to transform their mental views and beliefs from being just an employee to being an entrepreneur.

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If one has to assess if he or she is ready to become a businessman, there are several reflections one has to make. Here are some as inspired by one of Angat Pilipinas Coalition business mentors, Fitz Villafuerte’s tips to starting a successful business.

Getting ready to make mistakes and learn from them. Every starting entrepreneur should be prepared to experiment, make and face failure and be able to carry on, learn from these mistakes and take on new lessons.

Be responsible and accountable. Whatever happened in the past should not define what you can do tomorrow. The same thing with business, an entrepreneur should take responsibility for the decisions he or she has made. He should also be responsible for whatever happens in the future because of the decisions made today.


Be a hardworker, a smart Worker, and a strong finisher. Start strong, work smartly and intelligently, and finish strong what you started strong.

Be a person true to your words. Never over- or under promise anyone, especially your loved ones and co-workers. This will reflect on what you will do to your customers and suppliers when you are already running your business.

Be a systematic employee and a family member at home. If you know how to keep your paperworks or your household chores in order, then you can proudly say that you are ready to apply this trait in your business.

Be patient while sticking to your abundance mindset. It surely takes time before you are able to achieve your target amount to achieve your personal financial goals. Right now, you should have the believe that there are no get-rich quick solutions in business.

Be a people-believer and a motivator. Does positivity reflect in your personality? Do you see others as valuable as yourself? Do you believe that other people can reach their dreams just like you do?

Turn difficulties into opportunities. Are you able to see the brighter side of a problem? Can you transform the negative situation into something useful and beneficial?

Stop complaining and be a solution. There are people who are just like that. Complainants. But you won’t hear them giving solutions when you ask them to contribute something worthy. They will only give you more problems to think about. Don’t be like them. Be a critical thinker but act on every problem that you encounter in your workplace or circle or the society itself by giving solutions.

Strive to achieve financial freedom. If your ultimate goal is to achieve a life free from debts and financial worries, then you will do everything to create wealth and multiply them. You will study more and look at the bigger picture of yourself and your business.

Always be inspired that many successful entrepreneurs and richest persons in the world worked it out from scratches and almost with nothing at all but their creativity, discipline, innovation, efficiency, and the abundance mindset.

They find solutions and opportunities and they pay forward the blessings they have been receiving. They never stop from learning new things and they never get tired in serving other people.

If you say yes to all the given suggestions above, then you are you off to a new chapter in your life as a future successful entrepreneur.

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6 thoughts on “How To Start A Business Effectively”

  1. Hi sir burn,

    Thank you po for this sir. Im planning to start my business kahit i dont have the background coz im in different field and most people around me are afraid of doing business. But im thankful po dito kasi nagkakaroon ako ng idea and inspiration. And btw, thanks for infos sa investing page im also an avid reader on that page and i usually saw you. Thanks heaps.😁


  2. Hi Burn,

    Thanks for this tips , these qualities would really help yung mga aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in putting up a business. Hopefully someday magkaron din ako ng sarili kong business, when i get back home sa Philippines from working abroad

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