Congratulations, You Wasted Money (And Making Excuses Again)

As promised, here’s the third outing of my “Congratulations” series to awaken our brethren and to bring them out of their senses. We do this to let them realize how they are losing money by spending beyond their means and how they are wasting opportunities to grow their little cash that they didn’t know what to do with in the first place.

The “Congratulations 1 and 2 were focused mainly on gadgets and expenses that should have been invested directly in stocks. If they only followed our recommendation to invest during the time they spent their hard-earned money (or borrowed maybe), they could have earned so much today they didn’t have to borrow money just to buy them.

Today, we will shift our gears in another investment vehicle called mutual funds. People who always had excuses that they don’t have time to time the market or to even check their portfolio at least once a month, investing indirectly in stocks via equity/stock funds of these mutual funds could be their last option to maximize their money’s growth. Vehicles with returns that will make them realize how they’re losing opportunities to become richer by procrastinating and spending on things that in reality they could not afford to buy.

1) The year-end bonus you used to buy your Canon EOS600D 18.0 Megapixel, 3.7 FPS, 3″ Display worth at least P40,000 in December would have grown to as much as P46,828 (with 17.07% return) this month if you invested it instead on First Metro’s (FAMI) Save and Learn Equity Fund in January 2013.

Canon EOS 600D with Canon EF 50mm F1.8

2) The prepaid mobile phone cards at P200 you spent per week the whole of 2012 totaling to at least P9,600 would have grown to P11,407 (18.82% return) today if you invested it in January 2013 on Sun Life’s Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund instead.

3) A ream of Marlboro Black 20’s (fliptop) worth P500 per month (tipid pa yan) from January to April 2013 totaling P2,000 would have become P2,407 (20.38% return) today by investing it in Philequity Fund in January 2013. Will you earn that P407 while smoking?

4) Your barkada/officemate monthly gimmick to different resorts and bars around the Metro and Luzon that you spent on at least once a month for P1,000 totaling to P12,000 the whole year of 2012, would have grown by as much as 18.29% today (would have become P14,195) if you invested it instead in Philam Strategic Growth Fund in January 2013.

5) Lunch at Megamall, Greenbelt or Glorietta 5 working days a week? That’s an average of P3,000 per month spent on “lunch-out” everyday. You could have cut it down to P1,000 per month if you brought your own packed lunch (baon) everyday.

If you invested the difference of P2,000 per month (P8,000 for January to April 2013) instead in ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund, you would have earned at least P1,724 (21.55% return) extra money today that you can use to buy more food for your family or medicine for your ailing parents.

Don’t give your excuses now that you don’t know how to invest indirectly in stocks. You know where to go now. Do some Googling now about these funds.

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Photo credit: Canon EOS 600D, Wikimedia Commons

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