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Tips For Kids On Managing the Piggy Bank (Infographic)

We at Angat Pilipinas Coalition are totally dedicated to bringing financial knowledge to all young Filipinos, students and out-of-school alike. We believe that educating the youth about personal finance will prepare themselves to become wise financial decision makers as they grow up.

That is why we are pushing parents and teachers to become more literate in handling their finances so that the kids will witness how they value money and how it is earned.

Parents and teachers are the biggest influencea on the way kids will manage money. However, discussing about personal finance and conducting seminars to them can be really tough. That is why we have been incorporating games, music, technology, and even social media to help them understand personal finance

This infographic from is an example of how money should be taught to children of all ages.

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One thought on “Tips For Kids On Managing the Piggy Bank (Infographic)”

  1. Definitely useful.

    There’s a saying which goes like this: “Wealth rarely lasts more than three generations.”

    If we don’t teach our kids how to handle money properly, then they’d recklessly spend what we’ve worked to build (and what THEY worked to build as they grow up).

    A solid system for financial education is really needed.

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