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The Senior Citizen’s Discounts: Infographic

Spending our vacation with our parents is one of the most delightful moments we had last Christmas season. We were able to eat together in some fancy restaurants (which we don’t normally do), enjoyed some frolicking in a hot spring resort, move around the best spots in the Metro, and even scoured some of the best fastfood chains in the country. All in about 40 days.

For OFW’s with aging parents and in-laws, one of the more important things to consider during their vacations is being able to save some money while spending for various things (needs and wants) for the whole family. Disciplined splurging for one month after 11 months of saving and investing for it can be good, in my opinion.

Our mother’s senior citizen’s card has proved to be a great help during our vacation as we were able to save around P3,000 all from the discounts she availed. It may not be a big amount for some but P3,000 is still big money for most people (like us).

But did you know that senior citizens need not present a senior citizen ID card in order to avail discounts and special privileges? This and other facts that we don’t know exists can be found in the infographic below provided by ABS-CBN News.


Are you an OFW who’s planning to have a vacation in the Philippines soon? Don’t forget to include your parents and elderly ones in your itinerary. Just being with them and letting them feel your love and care means more than all these discounts and privileges.

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