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FREE Personal Finance Management Seminar for Artists and Musicians

The Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy and OFW UsapangPiso Forum have found an advocacy partner in the Heart of Music Foundation headed by the legendary “Manila Girl” and Queen of Philippine Ska music Myra Ruaro, more popularly known in the local music scene as Skarlet Brown of the famed alternative/ska bands Put3Ska and Brownbeat All Stars.

Heart of Music is an NGO that seeks to secure and protect the health and livelihoods of local musicians. Skarlet is joined in this advocacy by another passionate jazz music artist and editor/writer Gou de Jesus.

On October 26, 2013 at 3pm, these heroes will conduct a FREE financial learning event for our fellow artists and musicians based in the Philippines. This will be held at the 70’s Bistro located in Anonas Street, Project 2 in Quezon City.

The seminar will focus on personal financial management and stewardship such as saving, proper budgeting, spending (needs vs. wants), avoiding and getting out of debts, and making money grow through affordable investment vehicles and financial instruments.

Skarlet Brown (Myra Ruaro) is the President of the Heart of Music organization and will be the driver of this movement to bring financial literacy to all Filipino artists and musicians in the Philippines and abroad.

Skarlet Brown of the legendary Put3ska and Brownbeat All Stars

Joseph “Seph” Romana as the resident “doctor” for our financial literacy programs in the Philippines will be the main speaker for our seminar. He is Angat Pilipinas Coalition‘s silent yet passionate volunteer financial coach. He is a Bank Examiner at the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

Seph used to work at the Philippine Stock Exchange as Market Risk Officer, Fixed Income Securities Trader, and as a Stockbroker. Seph is also a resource speaker for Biblical personal finance seminars in his church. He was the former vocalist of Army Of One.

Seph Romana of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy. He used to do vocals for the Christian metal band Army of One.

Gou de Jesus is Skarlet’s partner at the Heart of Music (HOM) and she hopes to inspire the participants to take care of their health and finances and change their bad spending habits. She also serves as the Secretary of HOM.

Singer-writer Gou de Jesus of Heart of Music

Des Feliciano is a digital creative (webdesign, game interface, apps design, etc.) and is Angat Pilipinas Coalition‘s volunteer visual artist. She graduated cum laude and won the first prize in the National Shell Arts Competition in 2006 for her work “Really, I’m Not an Apple”. Whenever she’s free, she provides the artworks for our organization’s posters, logos, and banners.

She will share her experience as a stock market investor and will reveal to fellow artists how simple “piggy bank” type of ipon will go nowhere because of inflation. Savings accounts earn no more than 1% annually while yearly inflation runs from 3% and up. She will also inspire fellow artists to consider investing in a financial instrument that earns at least 10% per year such as stocks so that they can be financially independent upon retirement.

Visual/graphic artist Des Feliciano of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy will discuss about stock market investing to fellow artists.

Musicians and artists working overseas who are currently on vacation in the Philippines may grab this opportunity to learn how to become financially independent. Who else can understand best what you are going through but your fellow artists and musicians with knowledge in personal finance management?

Reserve a seat now for this FREE seminar/workshop! You can text 0916-3624596 or email for reservations. Visit for updates.


Special thanks to 70’s Bistro owners and management for allowing us to use their bar for this historic financial literacy event. Thanks also to Bon of for supporting our cause and for helping out in promoting this FREE learning session to artists and musicians.

Education is key to financial freedom and independence. See you all on October 26, 2013 at the 70’s!

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5 thoughts on “FREE Personal Finance Management Seminar for Artists and Musicians”

  1. d ako naka baba ng sasakyan walang parking lot dun sa 70’s bistro sa quezon city ,, ang hirap mag park, badtrip pa yung nasa tapat ng 70’s bistro yung lalaki dun pinukpok yung bintana ng sasakyan namin pwedi naman nya kaming kausapin,, parang walang pinag aralan,,,

    1. Sorry to hear about that Marlon. Medyo mahirap nga talaga mag-park sa Anonas. Pero alam ko pwede naman mag-park dun sa Marang street. Hndi bale, sa ibang lugar natin gagawin yung sunod na session. Yung makakapag-park na ang mga attendees.

    1. Hi Teresa. There will be a repeat in January and a part 2 for those who attended in our October sessions. The January talks will be more exciting as we will be discuss the different financial instruments that musicians and artists can invest in affordably.

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