Angat Kabataan! The APC’s Youth Summer Camp 2015

When I read in an American news website that the the US kids do not get enough financial education in school, my heart broke. Not for the American kids but for the Filipino youth.

If the Americans find it very unfortunate that the majority of their students do not receive even a basic financial foundation, what more about our Filipino youngsters?

In the US, some 15 to 20 states require high school students to take a personal finance or economics course as a requirement for graduation. In the Philippines, only a handful of private schools offer mandatory subjects tackling entrepreneurship, cooperative management, banking basics, etc. Continue reading Angat Kabataan! The APC’s Youth Summer Camp 2015

See You at Money Talks UAE!

I have been invited by my friend and the King of Ka-Ching himself, Randell Tiongson to join a team of financial advocates in giving an exciting and wisdom-filled seminar to Filipinos in Dubai, UAE on March 20, 2015.

Aside from Randell, the other speakers invited were also financial literacy advocates based outside the Philippines.  This is a testimonial that many OFW’s are beginning to become more aware about taking care of their finances.

The guests for this conference are all advocates for financial literacy and have extensive training & experience in finance and investing.

If you are based in Dubai or UAE or nearby Gulf countries, be part of this life-changing event and learn from the experts who have the heart to help bring financial education to the OFWs!

To register for this event, CLICK HERE or email

Here are my co-speakers at the Money Talks UAE: Continue reading See You at Money Talks UAE!

The Blog Academy Philippines is Coming Back!

After a couple of successful runs, the Blog Academy Philippines has produced a handful of influential bloggers and are now enjoying “celebrity” status online in their respective fields of interests and expertise.

Not only that, these bloggers have turned their blogs into an online ATM! Yes, an online Automated Teller Machine! One of them even earned Php4million in just 12 months! Kaching-kaching!

This is the reason why we’re bringing back the Blog Academy Philippines to reach out to more deserving individuals who can write and share what they know and their precious experiences.

Missed the previous Blog Academy Philippines sessions? Fret not because it’s coming back real soon! Continue reading The Blog Academy Philippines is Coming Back!