Which Mutual Fund or UITF Should You Invest In?

People who have been introduced to stock market investing recently have started to be exposed and be curious about other financial instruments available in the country for ordinary citizens today. Among these investment vehicles, the mutual funds and UITF’s (unit investment trust funds) have garnered the most popularity.

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It’s the other way around for me since I invested in mutual funds first before deciding to put my money directly in the stock market years back. It is actually the “cornerstone” in my current mission to help people achieve their financial goals and eventually become financially independent in the near future.

Let’s go back to basics once more and see if mutual funds or UITF’s are the best investment vehicles to ride in to achieve your financial goals. Continue reading Which Mutual Fund or UITF Should You Invest In?

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On Yen, Investing and Insurance

I will be posting today a Q&A posted at the Ask The Experts section of the OFW UsapangPiso Facebook group instead of my usual posts.

In this section, members can submit questions to the forum’s panel of renowned financial and life planning coaches, investment experts, and successful mentors. The answers are then published in the section as a reply.

I believe a lot of OFW’s will surely relate to this question addressed to Fitz Villafuerte by a a couple of OFW forum members. Continue reading On Yen, Investing and Insurance

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My Mom’s Investing in the Stock Market

My mother used to work as a clerk for a Chinese businessman in Binondo back in the early 70’s when she was still single. But she decided to stop working when she met my father until they got married in 1975. Given the very short time that she spent for working, she did not get to contribute that much for her Social Security.

Fast forward to 2012, my mother asked me if she could continue to contribute to SSS so that she could receive the pension when she reaches her retirement age. After giving her a computation on how much (little) she could get from SSS, I convinced her that she should not rely her retirement years from SSS alone.

In fact I told her that it would be better to allocate a portion of the money I’m giving her on a monthly basis and the profit she is getting from her small business of made-to-order delicacies to invest in the stock market.

And so she did in December 2012. Continue reading My Mom’s Investing in the Stock Market

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Be An Investor Or Be A Loser

2012 is gone and done. Some of you may have earned a million and many a thousand bucks from your salary and bonuses from the past year. It’s something that you should truly be proud of.

Your hardwork paid off. Hats off to you!

But I have one question: Where is your million (thousand) bucks now?

It’s January 12, 2o13 and I hope you already made up your mind (and wallet) on where to put that hard-earned ‘2012’ cash of yours.  Continue reading Be An Investor Or Be A Loser

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Start Investing in the “Stock Market” with Php500

When the great record-breaking performance of Philippine stock market hit the local news, several friends who were previously snubbing my invitations to invest have started to “re-inquire” from me how to be part of the growing number of happy stock market investors.

As usual, when I mention to them that they have to start with at least Php5,000 to open a stock investment portfolio the responses would be, “Wala pa kong pera.” (I still don’t have the money). Or, “Hindi ko alam kung pano gawin yan.” (I don’t know how to do it.)

Well, fret no more superfriends. Instead of saving up Php5,000 to open your first stock investment portfolio, you can at least set aside Php500 in your next payday to start investing in the stock market. Even if you don’t know how to. Continue reading Start Investing in the “Stock Market” with Php500

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Sa Ngalan ng PAG-IBIG – A FREE Christmas Webinar Special by Colayco Foundation

Ms. Guita Gopalan, Managing Director of Colayco Foundation for Education (CFE), asked me to promote this FREE rare educational event online for OFW and Philippine-based PAG-IBIG members.

Mr. Armand Bengco will be presenting the event focused on the importance of saving and growing your money using the strategies and techniques of Mr. Frank Colayco.

So don’t miss this event this coming December 29, 2012, Saturday.

Read on for more details.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

A Christmas Webinar Special
IPON, UTANG, LAGO – Saan at Paano?
By Colayco Foundation and Pag-IBIG Fund

DECEMBER 29, 2012 Saturday
6:00-8:00pm Philippine (SG/HK) Time (1:00PM KSA/2:00PM UAE/5:00AM Eastern US&CAN/2:00AM Pacific US&CAN/12:00AM HI(US)/10:00AM UK/7:00PM JPN/9:00PM (AU) SYD/11:00AM France,Germany,Italy,Austria,Spain,Belgium,Denmark,Switzerland)
Session opens 5:30pm Philippine Time (kindly adjust as per time zones above) Continue reading Sa Ngalan ng PAG-IBIG – A FREE Christmas Webinar Special by Colayco Foundation

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A Janitor Invests in the Stock Market

Once there was a 25-year old man named Kiko (real name withheld for security reasons) who knows nothing about investing but wanted to earn more apart from his monthly salary. He works as a janitor in a small professional firm in Makati.

One night, while doing his routine after-office cleaning, he noticed that one of the computers was left on by one of their employees who probably went off hurriedly for a Friday night gig. Kiko took the chance to browse the internet. (Yes, Fesbuk!)

Continue reading A Janitor Invests in the Stock Market

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Your “Laziness” Can Make You Rich…(Wehhh???)

There is one popular investment guru and columnist who’s a known hardcore active stock market trader and totally hates the cost-averaging method of investing. One guy posted a comment on the guru’s Twitter account saying that “Cost Averaging” is an effective strategy than having no strategy at all. The popular guru replied, “Doing bad is better than doing nothing at all?”

That’s how he hates “laziness”. That’s how he hates passive investing using the cost averaging method.

Continue reading Your “Laziness” Can Make You Rich…(Wehhh???)

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Why You Should Not Invest in The Stock Market

You should not invest in the stock market if you don’t want to secure your family’s future.

If you want to be dependent on your children and other people during your retirement years, don’t invest in the stock market.

Continue reading Why You Should Not Invest in The Stock Market