Financial Literacy: Not in DepEd’s Agenda

Most children in the Philippines are financially-spoiled.

And most parents in the Philippines don’t teach their children the real value of money. When kids want to have something, most of the time, the parents will just give in and will do everything they can to look for money. Never mind if the money is credit card money. Or money borrowed from neighbor or officemates.

Most children are not taught to save money and to work hard to get what they want. However small or big that thing is.

What makes it sadder is that most Philippine schools do not even teach basic personal finance subjects to their young students. And saddest, most teachers are financially- illiterate as well.

Financial Literacy is not in Department of Education’s 10-Point Agenda

Surprisingly, DepEd’s 10-Point agenda pride does not include a program on personal finance for kids.

Read for yourself:

1. A 12-year basic education cycle

2. Universal Pre-schooling for all

3. Establish the Madaris Education as a sub-system in the current education system

4. Re-introduce technical and vocational education in public high schools.

5. Every child a reader by Grade 1

6. Improve science and mathematics

7. Expand government assistance to private education

8. Use of mother-language instruction

9. Better textbooks

10. Build more schools in cooperation with LGUs

Nothing about personal finance (saving money, how to grow money, entrepreneurship for kids, etc.).



I wonder if the DepEd secretary is saving money and investing in any paper asset. If he does, I hope he can be open and creative enough to find ways on how to include personal finance as a mandatory subject for all school levels across the country.

Meanwhile, I invite all of you to become volunteers and advocates of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy.

Angat Pilipinas Coalition is a global non-profit organization of personal finance advocates who have bonded together as a support group to address issues, discuss concerns, and share knowledge on entrepreneurship, investment, and financial literacy in order to contribute to poverty alleviation and improve the quality of life in the Philippines.

It also aims to share an interest in advancing financial literacy among OFW’s, Filipino youth and students. It is committed to bring financial education to schools and public learning institutions in the Philippines.

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