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An Investor’s Guide to Central Business Districts in the Philippines

Whether you’re a business guru or not, you probably know the importance of finding a good location for your business. An ideal location should be able to satisfy certain criteria such as a steady populace, accessibility, good infrastructure, a well-developed community, availability of basic services and resources, safety, and many others which are all advantageous for business.

If you are an investor with plans to start a business in the Philippines, here’s some good news: the country has been able to develop central business districts in key cities and regions, which can be the best choice for your business location. With central business areas meeting the aforementioned criteria, putting up your office in those prime locations means better and higher chances of making your business thrive.

Below is a list of the CBDs in the Philippines, plus some basic information you need to know about each of them: Continue reading An Investor’s Guide to Central Business Districts in the Philippines

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5 Simple Things To Do To Feed Your Mind Every Day of This Year

Starting the year right means feeding your mind with positive memories and pushing out the bad ones.

It does not need to be complicated. All you need to do is to apply the “negative out, positive in” approach to your daily mind diet.

That’s right. I’m been reading Tim Sanders’ “Today We Are Rich”.

In this book, Tim believes that possessing a confident outlook makes one perform at the highest level. It says that if you believe in yourself, the people you rely on, and God, you will be able to do what you once thought was impossible.


Here are five things that we suggest that you do from morning until evening from this day and beyond.

1. Exercise your gratitude muscle. You can not change feelings but you can change your daily habits to strengthen your sense of gratitude. Every morning when you wake up, get out of your bed slowly and give your waking mind time to adjust. Be thankful for every great morning and for all the simple yet great things you have right now.

2. Read good books or publications. Do not immediately go online or check your email or Facebook notifications on the first hour you are awake. Read books or high-quality magazines instead with inspirational of instructional materials. Of course, study them and think purposefully about the meaning of what you are reading.

3. Review what is going right and the positive things to accomplish before the end of the day. Have a 5 to 10 minute positive-thinking time after your lunch hour. If you are near a church or a chapel, visit and meditate for 10 minutes. That means just letting your mind clear of stress and negative thoughts.

4. Eliminate network television when you get home from business or work. Do not automatically switch on your TV. Doing this will just undo your day’s mind food management efforts. Try to listen to good and quiet instrumental music instead before taking your dinner. Play with your child. Have a good conversation with your wife about the good things you experienced during the day. Nothing beats quality time with your family and loved ones.

5. Pray and reflect about giving before going to bed. Think about giving something to someone the next day without expecting in return. Think about giving something that will empower someone and this will in turn give more confidence in yourself. If you give others enough power, you will influence them to go beyond material possession. This will allow to transform themselves from just being recipients to being givers as well.

When you give and expect a return on your investment, you are an investor. When you give and expect to be famous, then you are a self-promoter. But when you give only for the love of giving, you are a generous person. Be an instrument of generosity.

A Very Happy and Abundant New Year!


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How To Be Happy in Business, Missions, and Relationships

It’s been a very busy two weeks for me, my family, and my organization Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy. That’s why it took me some time (two weeks) to write another article.

My wife and child are both quite enjoying our vacation in our newly-constructed home in Lipa City. As you know, the new house we’ve built is sitting on a paradisiacal and quiet village of nature farms and retirement homes of celebrities and political personalities. Once you sat on the porch, it’s hypnotically relaxing. As if it would be fine to be late for your work or appointment.

The only letdown is the weak internet signal which is really disappointing for someone like me who make a living online and depend on it 24/7. God is definitely sending me a positive message on why I have to surrender my internet life for now. Continue reading How To Be Happy in Business, Missions, and Relationships

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Angat Kabataan! The APC’s Youth Summer Camp 2015

When I read in an American news website that the the US kids do not get enough financial education in school, my heart broke. Not for the American kids but for the Filipino youth.

If the Americans find it very unfortunate that the majority of their students do not receive even a basic financial foundation, what more about our Filipino youngsters?

In the US, some 15 to 20 states require high school students to take a personal finance or economics course as a requirement for graduation. In the Philippines, only a handful of private schools offer mandatory subjects tackling entrepreneurship, cooperative management, banking basics, etc. Continue reading Angat Kabataan! The APC’s Youth Summer Camp 2015

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Avoid the Corona Virus (MERS-COV) – Infographic

There has been a handful of invitations sent to us lately from various OFW groups in the Middle East to give talks and educational sessions on personal finance and investing. However, these recent challenging development has prompted us to beg off from some of these invitations especially if the proposed seminar is to be conducted in hospital vicinities. We also have to protect our team’s families and ourselves. We hope our kababayans will understand this.

And so today we give way to “investing in health information” to spread awareness to our OFW’s based in the Middle East and Europe where the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-COV) has infected and killed a few but have terrified millions of people in these regions.

What is MERS? What are the symptoms if one has been infected by this new Corona virus? How do we protect ourselves and our loved ones from being infected? Continue reading Avoid the Corona Virus (MERS-COV) – Infographic

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Signs That You Are Sending Bad Financial Messages To Your Kids

My wife and I have started been mulling over homeschooling our 4-year old daughter this coming school year. I personally know some friends who have been homeschooling their kids and it’s just amazing to see how strong their family bondings are because of this method of teaching and learning.

One more reason why we want to homeschool our daughter is because we believe that personal finance is one of the least taught subjects in the Philippines (and elsewhere). Money is a very important subject for a child to learn and bring the knowledge along until he/she becomes an adult. And since my wife and I are both staunch advocates of financial literacy, we thought why not teach our child about money ourselves.

Through the homeschooling system, parents like us won’t have to spend so much time giving lectures to our children. We just have to show them how we value money in our everyday lives. Continue reading Signs That You Are Sending Bad Financial Messages To Your Kids

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The Magic of MRI for Home Loan Borrowers

In my recent talk at the University of the Philippines-Diliman as part of UP Phil Delta Alpha Sorority’s Alternative Classroom Learning Experience or ACLE, I discussed about securing one’s future through frugal living and growing money through various investment vehicles.

The two other guest speakers spoke about insurance and its importance in protecting our finances, homes, and lives in the event of natural calamities and disasters.

What caught my attention the most was the sharing of Mr. Jay Castillo of Foreclosure Philippines about their experience with Ondoy back in 2009. There are a handful revelations from his talk as his was a first-hand experience as a home loan borrower who lost a home right where Ondoy struck the heaviest, Marikina City.

According to Jay, his Pag-ibig home loan insurance has helped him recover a big portion of the cost of the house after selling it. While it was expected to find it hard to look for buyers, Jay was lucky enough to find one: their neighbor. Continue reading The Magic of MRI for Home Loan Borrowers

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Our Blasting Year-End Survey of Prime Real Estate Projects – Part 2

In our previous article, we reviewed four of the newest and most exciting condominium projects to sprout out of the Pioneer District in Mandaluyong City. Our survey aims to provide choices for Filipinos and even expats desiring to own a property in Metro Manila.

Today we will take a quick look on two more properties located in the Pioneer District and a couple more projects standing tall in the dynamic and lively city of Makati. Continue reading Our Blasting Year-End Survey of Prime Real Estate Projects – Part 2

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What Will Make You Poor This Year

We just said goodbye to just one of the most emotional, heartbreaking, yet hopeful year of the century. Resilience was the overused and over-abused but truthful word last year that came out from the mouths of foreign media men, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities alike.

In my opinion, being resilient is good but not enough. If we never learn from previous mistakes in making financial decisions, calamities or no calamities, we will still remain poor.

These and the following bad financial decisions will bury you further in brokenness and anxiety. Although they may not always be applicable to you but I’m pretty sure you definitely know someone who will, in one way or another, become a (willing) victim of these circumstances. Continue reading What Will Make You Poor This Year