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ALERT! New Scams To Avoid This Year (2015)

After receiving a lot of requests, complaints, threats, and all, we’re back to warn our friends and kababayans from joining these potential and possible frauds that are now posing to prey on the weak and fellow greedy.

The list, as always, will not be long. But they should be worth taking a further look before thinking of joining them.

Here are some of the companies/groups to avoid starting the middle of 2015.

1) World Ventures International Travel

This is another pyramid scheming group pretending to be a legit online group travel club. While it has been in the market prowling on travel-crazed netizens and greedy individuals, it is still very active in “recruiting members” and selling “discounted vacations”, which are obviously not true.

Filipinos in Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania region should also be wary of this company and their recruiters in their areas.


The scheme: You need to recruit at least 6 people to get that dream trip of yours and earn more.

2) AU Venture International

It confuses me that it replicates a name of a gold trading company (that is another suspected dubious BVI-registered company). Plus their website is another red flag as they do not have specific names that people can look into and investigate on.

There are also no names of officers under the About Us section.

The “ways to earn” also reminds us of two previous gold scam companies that we featured a year ago. You know them. AU International is also actively marketing their greed in Dubai and some parts of Asia.

Surely, another group that is set to scam our OFWs.

The scheme: Join by paying for an entry fee and recruit to earn.

3) Xyngular Weight-Loss Scheme

Another weight-loss/cure-it-all pyramid scheme that has been recruiting many Americans and Canadians by making them believe that it is the answer to their diet and weight problems. So to our dear Fil-Ams, beware!

There have been claims that it has cured diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, joint pain, and others. But there are just no clinical, scientific, and therapeutic studies to back up these “healing” claims.


Xyngular promotes their program by fooling their “fat” recruits to buy their products. But the truth is, people really lose their weight by starving themselves.

The scheme: Pay $490 for the Body Transformation Program and get really nothing in return unless you sell. But of course, you need to prove to your customers, or recruits, that you have benefitted from the program yourself. So get yourself fit from the beginning if you want to scam people.

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6 thoughts on “ALERT! New Scams To Avoid This Year (2015)”

  1. Then how about Gold Extreme in the Philippines? Their ways to earn is 99 percent similar to those of so called “dubious BVI-registered company” . I suggest you make a thorough research before writing on false statements. :)

  2. And one more thing, based on your background, auditor ka. So I would assume you know the ‘creed’ of auditors i.e. to obtain appropriate sufficient evidence whether obtained from audit procedures or other sources to be used in arriving at the conclusions on which the auditor’s opinion is based.” So, where is your appropriate sufficient evidence then? Hearsays?

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