Are You A Cool Investor?

If a friend took your wallet from your pocket and tossed it off the Pasig River, how would you react?

In times like these when the stock market seems like going down the drain, it is but natural to feel really bad especially if you just started investing less than a year ago. Just like your wallet thrown off that muddy, murky, filthy urban river.

At the same time, when the market seem to go up like forever it’s also natural to feel really good. In any case, emotions will always be there. But would you always give in to your fears and joy as an emotional investor?

Here are some friendly reminders. Continue reading Are You A Cool Investor?

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The Dying Art of Cost Averaging

Not a few friends whom I introduced to stock market investing have already went on to become “experts” in their own rights. It’s understandable, anyone has the right to advance further his/her knowledge in everything. Everyone has the freedom to move forward.

I remember teaching a couple of friends on how to play the guitar back in high school. After less than a year of extreme and hardcore practice, the two guys went on from just being “rhythm guitarists” to becoming the hottest, loudest, lead guitar players not only in school but in the whole town back then.

The once honest purpose of just expressing their emotions through guitar-playing has found their new talent as their gateway to popularity and public acceptance. They didn’t want to be left behind in the local music scene. Continue reading The Dying Art of Cost Averaging

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Start Investing in the “Stock Market” with Php500

When the great record-breaking performance of Philippine stock market hit the local news, several friends who were previously snubbing my invitations to invest have started to “re-inquire” from me how to be part of the growing number of happy stock market investors.

As usual, when I mention to them that they have to start with at least Php5,000 to open a stock investment portfolio the responses would be, “Wala pa kong pera.” (I still don’t have the money). Or, “Hindi ko alam kung pano gawin yan.” (I don’t know how to do it.)

Well, fret no more superfriends. Instead of saving up Php5,000 to open your first stock investment portfolio, you can at least set aside Php500 in your next payday to start investing in the stock market. Even if you don’t know how to. Continue reading Start Investing in the “Stock Market” with Php500

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Are You Part of the Lucky 1%?

The Philippine Stock Exchange has reached an historic and all-time high 6,000 mark today, January 7, 2013.

To an ordinary citizen and for those who refuse to learn how to invest in the Philippine stock market, this news mean nothing. But if you are part of the very small Filipino population who invest in the Philippine stock market, consider yourself lucky for reaping the rewards of being a high-risk taker. Continue reading Are You Part of the Lucky 1%?

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What Are The Best Stocks To Buy through COL Financial

Three days ago, I wrote about how OFW’s can open and invest in stocks through COL Financial. The post was intended for overseas Filipinos who want to start investing in the Philippine stock market while they are in their countries of work.

Compared with my other two stockbrokers, I prefer COL Financial because of their passion and dedication to support OFW’s in taking their first steps toward financial independence.

I’m not working for COL Financial.  But I highly recommend them to OFW’s because of their good quality of services. They are also known for having one of the best online trading platform in the country.

They also created the COL Easy Investment Program or EIP which is now being benchmarked by other stockbrokers, banks, and financial institutions in their respective investment products that apply the cost averaging method of investing.

Today, I’m gonna enumerate the most enduring and profitable companies in the Philippines that you can put your first investment money in. Continue reading What Are The Best Stocks To Buy through COL Financial

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Skiddoo Philippines Inc

How to Recover from Investment Failures

Some people have gotten tired of investing their money because of past failures and wrong decisions. Discouraged by losses brought about by the global financial crises in the past, many have opt to be too “conservative” that they just leave all their money in savings and time deposit accounts. Or worst, they just keep them under their pillows.

Taking risks again after losing thousands of bucks from investing in unknown businesses or schemes will not be very easy. Many of them admit that they have learned their lesson well and therefore decided not to invest again. However, this is a wrong approach of learning from life’s failures.

Here are three proper ways to learn and move on from all these bad experiences. Continue reading How to Recover from Investment Failures

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Why I Advocate Stock Market Investing for OFW’s

Investing in the stock market has always been perceived generally as “only for the rich” or “only for the intellectuals”. These are false notions. But who’s to be blamed for this?

Most of our college professors who taught business, finance or accounting NEVER taught us (or insisted) that anybody who saves money regularly can actually invest in various financial instruments in the Philippines. We were raised up hearing the line, “Mag-impok sa bangko” (Save money in the bank). We were taught to SAVE but not to INVEST. Don’t tell me that I was absent in classes. Continue reading Why I Advocate Stock Market Investing for OFW’s

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Your “Laziness” Can Make You Rich…(Wehhh???)

There is one popular investment guru and columnist who’s a known hardcore active stock market trader and totally hates the cost-averaging method of investing. One guy posted a comment on the guru’s Twitter account saying that “Cost Averaging” is an effective strategy than having no strategy at all. The popular guru replied, “Doing bad is better than doing nothing at all?”

That’s how he hates “laziness”. That’s how he hates passive investing using the cost averaging method.

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