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Putting Service at the Center of Being a Call Center Agent

I never had a full time work as call center agent but I have been involved in a BPO (business process outsourcing) sector for several years. My wife was also a call center agent and a customer service executive for the most part of her short but meaningful professional life.

In both occasions, we have learned the importance of knowing how to serve your customer best.

Being a call center agent means being the voice behind a company. As such, all call center agents should have a strong commitment to providing topnotch customer service.

Developing a true passion for serving others goes beyond ensuring customer loyalty and generating revenue for your company or your client. It also means helping customers take advantage of the services available to them, possibly helping those customers lead easier lives. If you’re wondering how to develop your passion for customer service, read the tips below.

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Understand your callers’ needs

Always think that what you’re doing is helping others. For example, in Stellar Philippines, one client requires call center agents to relay information to individuals with hearing and speech impairment by typing or by using a transcription software.  In this situation, call center agents are given a real opportunity to improve the quality of life of people who cannot help themselves.

Check your performance indicators

Talk about your performance indicators with your team leaders or managers. Normally, call centers use average hold time (AHT) and customer satisfaction scores to determine your performance. However, if your customer has a more complex problem that cannot be resolved in a short period of time, find a way to tell your supervisors that you’d like to provide the best service possible even if you have to hold the call for a longer time than usual.

Demand for good customer service

In order to provide good customer service, demand good service from people you encounter. If you notice that the glass of iced tea given to you at a restaurant isn’t thoroughly cleaned, ask the service crew to wash it again. If you don’t demand good service from others, providing good service on your call center job won’t come naturally to you because you can’t give to others what you don’t expect from them.

Look for a company that provides valuable incentives

Working hard on establishing and maintaining relationships with customers can be discouraging if you’re not given any incentives for good performance. Research on each company you apply for thoroughly to ensure that you’re well compensated for your hard work. Beyond being rewarded monetarily, look for a company that rewards top performance with praises, freebies, or any other incentives. Ask your friends about their experience with working in call center companies before applying. You may also read online forums to find out more about companies from employees themselves.

Find people who share the same passion for customer service

Find call centers hiring leaders and managers whose passion for customer service is infectious. Seeing a superior work hard at pleasing customers can be inspiring, and it can also give you tips and tricks on how to work with difficult customers. If you find that your call center job is not developing your passion for service, then you might need to transfer to a place which helps you learn to work at it.

Remember the value of good service

Being able to help others is a fulfilling achievement. Remember the value of good service wherever you are. Once you develop a passion for providing good service, being motivated to do well at your call center job will come naturally.

This is a guest post from Stellar Philippines.

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