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Investment Hacks That Will Make Your 2017 a Different Year

As 2016 draws to a close, do you feel you have achieved all your financial goals? If it’s a yes, you deserved a pat on the back, otherwise, you could just be in the same group as those who couldn’t afford a Christmas gift or dinner this year. Nevertheless, here are some investment strategies for 2017 to get you a bigger bank account.

It’s no secret, the only way to have more money is to actually make it grow. Saving is just one part of the equation then investments complete the whole balance. But like many, you may feel a bit intimated about the word investment. However, it’s not as hard as it sounds, and many wealthy investors today at one point were in the same position you are. Continue reading Investment Hacks That Will Make Your 2017 a Different Year

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Top 10 Money Tips for OFWs on Christmas Vacation

With Christmas less than two weeks away, more and more of our kababayans are coming home to spend the holidays with their families. After living and working abroad with little to no family with them, returning home for the holidays is a much-awaited homecoming for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). From balikbayan boxes filled to the brim and nightly reunions, the Christmas holidays is a grand celebrations for OFWs, and an expensive one. Continue reading Top 10 Money Tips for OFWs on Christmas Vacation

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11 Clever Tips for Christmas Shopping in the Philippines (Infographic)

Christmas in the Philippines is often celebrated at the start of the “ber” months. And since it’s already November, we’re barely just over a month away from the most wonderful time of year. This is the time when we write down the names of our loved ones and plan what presents we should buy for them.

We not only need to prepare our wallets for the biggest spending season but our stamina as well to withstand long shopping queues and the Metro Manila traffic.

This infographic from M2.0 Communications offers 11 Clever Ways to Survive Christmas Shopping in the Philippines. Continue reading 11 Clever Tips for Christmas Shopping in the Philippines (Infographic)

Skiddoo Philippines Inc
Skiddoo Philippines Inc

Angat Pilipinas Goes To Dubai for “Unleash Your Power To Prosper”

It’s been almost a year since my family and I decided to leave the Middle East and go back home for good. That’s why I’m so glad to hear that the Angat Pilipinas Coalition Middle East, OFW UsapangPiso, and their partner ICE (Innovate Create Events) will be bringing us back over to Dubai, UAE to give a talk on personal finance, investment, and business.

Please come and join the “Unleash Your Power to Prosper” seminar that’s happening on November 11-12 in different venues and time slots in Dubai.

Schedule of Sessions

November 11, 2016, Friday
1st Session : 10:00am-3:30pm
Venue: Hyatt Place, Rigga, Deira

2nd Session : 5:00pm-10:30pm
Venue: Business Village, Near Clock Tower, Deira

November 12, 2016 Saturday
3rd Session: 1:00pm-6:30pm
Venue: Hyatt Place, Rigga, Deira



Topics and Speakers

Building a Solid Financial House
Learn about proper money management, how to secure your finances, and invest for your future. This talk will be given by Joey Tayaban. She is the Concierge Director at Truly Rich Club, and a Financial Advisor at Sunlife Financial of Canada-Philippines.

Insurance for OFW
Learn about the importance of life insurance, why OFWs need it, and how to get the right coverage. This talk will be given by Arman Vengco Felipe. He is a Financial Consultant at Nexus Insurance Brokers LLC.

Business Planning and Funding
Learn about entrepreneurship, how to find a good business idea, and how to plan and find the capital you need. This talk will be given by Fitz Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich and my co-author for Cyberpreneur Philippines book.

Choosing Cooperatives and Online Business
Learn about alternative ways you can invest, especially through cooperatives and discovering the world of online businesses. This talk will be given by Burn Gutierrez (ehem, that’s me), chairman of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy.

I really hope you can come and join us that day. We promise that it will be a great learning experience, and if may take years before this happens again.

CLICK THIS LINK NOW TO REGISTER for the Unleash The Power To Prosper!

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Press Release: Money Matters Focus of Klik Books Event

Experts agree that the Philippine economy is looking good. However, no amount of direct investments, infrastructure boom, or low inflation would instantly improve everyone’s money situation. Most Filipinos need to learn how to start planting seeds of wealth now to experience the difference.


Klik Books, a new imprint by PageJump, together with many advocacy groups for financial literacy rise up to the challenge. Financial literacy is the common theme of its two titles to be launched on October. 23. Klik Books aims to deliver otherwise dry concepts with humor and engaging design. The imprint aims to popularize technical topics in the Filipino language to reach a wider audience.

To be formally presented is the book Bidang Misis: Paano Tutugon sa Paghamon Habang OFW si Mister by Gitte Quintos. The self-help book delves into the common experiences of OFW families from the point of view of wives and mothers, who are naturally the treasurers of remittances. The book has an introduction by Vice President Leni Robredo.

Also featured is The Adventures of Pepot Kuripot and Dora Gastadora by Burn Gutierrez and Des Feliciano. The illustrated book captures every Pinoy’s money situation in a funny yet very instructive way. “Through this comic book, financial literacy has been made more understandable and enjoyable. Bravo!,” says preacher and entrepreneur Bo Sanchez of the book.

During the launch, the authors will discuss how financial literacy among various sectors of society can be more engaging and meaningful to our countrymen. The event will be held on October 23, 2 to 4 p.m., at Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall. Among the launch partners are LBC and TV5’s OFW TV. For more information, please email

**Press Release | Contact: Ma. Margarita Culala, +639396112305

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Press Release: Join The 2nd Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards!

Be among the privileged Filipinos to witness this year’s winners of the Influential Author, Money Blogger, Advocacy Group/Partner, Institution, and OFW Advocate of the Year awards!

with live performances by neo-ethnic band Talahib,
the VoicePH finalist Darryl Shy, spoken word+poetry+music artists from Romancing Venus (featuring Kooky Tuason, Marty Tengco, Cecil Artates and Caren Tevanny),
singer-songwriter Acel Bisa van Ommen, and DJ Kyle Garon!

also featuring Mike Grogan, Jojy Azurin, Fitz Villafuerte, Ace Gapuz, Alvin Ang, Henry Ong, Dean Pax Lapid, Rose Fres Fausto, Rex Mendoza, Susan Ople, Ardy Roberto, Miriam Quiambao, and a whole lot of finance and investment personalities!

Click here to grab your tickets NOW!!

Hosted by EntrepChamp Paulo Tibig, Kassy Pajarillo, and Trix Esguerra

September 24, 6pm to 10pm
at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City


See you there!!

We would like to thank the following:

Manila Workshops

Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

Truly Rich Club
Real Estate Maven
Klimex Capital Markets

Sta. Lucia Land
David’s Salon
Philcrowd Nutriwealth Multi-Purpose Cooperative
International Philippine School in Al Khobar
Jesus the Risen Savior School-DeLa Salle Accredited

Philippine Star
Radyo5 92.3 FM
Radio Republic

Want to be a sponsor or a partner?
Email us at or visit AngatPH Awards Sponsorship Page

Click here to grab your tickets NOW!!

**Proceeds from this event will benefit the financial literacy and social entrepreneurship mission of Angat Pilipinas Coalition to public schools and poor communities around the Philippines.

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Do You Want To Get Started With Real Estate Investing?

I know it’s not easy. I’ve been there, done that. I failed a lot but finally learned how to do it the right way.

So how do you start investing in real estate?

The HOW TO BUY FORECLOSED PROPERTIES training is the most complete step-by-step training that tells you exactly how to find, buy, renovate, and profit from foreclosed properties.

No hype, no fluff, no kidding!

Yes, this is literally a step-by-step where my friend Jay Castillo will teach you everything you need to actually do this.


The HOW TO BUY FORECLOSED PROPERTIES online training includes:

  • Access and login 24/7 – All course materials are online so you can login to access the content anytime from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • 10 Step-By-Step Modules that will take you through the whole process of buying and profiting from a foreclosed property
  • Bonus #1: Unlimited access to Q and A webinar sessions
  • Bonus #2: Lifetime access to the online training
  • Bonus #3: Platinum Membership (download rights for all video/audio)

Note: Bonuses are limited to first 100 to enroll. (Only 67 slots remain as of August 25, 2016) -As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the first module. The next modules will be released on a weekly basis. All unlocked modules can be accessed anytime.

-Training content is available in video + slides (.MP4), audio download (.MP3), slides (.PDF), and spreadsheets (.XLS). Live Q and A sessions will be done through webinars (with recorded replays).

-With 30-day money back guarantee!

Click here and ENROLL NOW! 

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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Debts?

Being unable to pay your debts will reflect negatively on your credit history, making it tough to take out loans in the future. It is important to keep in mind that once you decide to borrow from any lender, you take yourself to be responsible enough to pay your debts on time.

Applying for loans may be tricky but if we engage ourselves with the following scenarios, we will be able to pick up some tips on how to properly manage finances.

Here we have Pedro. He took out a loan for the latest rose-gold tablet. Eventually, he quit his job because he couldn’t tear himself from watching the latest episode of his favorite TV series. Because he was inactively seeking for a job, he found himself facing a problem – not having the money to pay the debt for his loan.

Here is what will happen to Pedro in the next months if he doesn’t sell his tablet or find work to pay off his loan.


Of course, it is fair to say that not all who fail to pay their debts are irresponsible just like Pedro. They can be reliable borrowers, but unforeseen circumstances such as an illness or death in the family can make it difficult or impossible to repay a loan on time. But regardless of whether one is a “Pedro” or not, the consequences of not paying a loan are the same. Let’s take a look.

We will go through 5 stages with Pedro. Within each stage, his debt will grow along with the risks of saying goodbye to his rose-gold tablet. Pedro may be confident that his health and life are not under threat because he took out a loan from a legal lender so the collection process will flow according to the law where collectors will not beat him, shout at him, or kidnap him.


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Stage 1: Pre-collection. Before the due date.

The lender politely reminds Pedro that he has a due date, ensuring him to avoid delayed posting of his payment and the undesired additional charges as a consequence of being past due.

Timing: 1 – 10 days before the due date.

Charges: None.

Worst thing about it: If the lender will not succeed in getting in touch with Pedro, he will miss the due date, pay the fee, and create a negative impact on his credit record.

How to prevent it: Pay before any reminders.

In case it happens: Pay on time as advised by the lender.




Stage 2: Telephone collection. After the due date.

On the 6th season of his favorite TV series, Pedro goes past his due date. The lender is concerned about Pedro and tries to get in touch with him through calls, SMS, letters, e-mails, and even Viber. The lender wants to know what happened so he could find a solution.

Timing: Depends on the lender. Usually ranges from 1 to 60 days after the due date.

Charges: Depends on the contract. Sometimes, it is a fixed amount of Php 200 – 600 per month or a 7 to 10% interest of the amount due.

Worst thing about it: It results to a negative impact on the credit record. This will also prohibit Pedro from taking out another loan in the future. Because Pedro doesn’t pick up the phone and doesn’t pay, the worried lender will be calling his referred relatives, friends, and his employer, not disclosing any information about the debt to the third parties. But since Pedro’s former boss and colleagues, neighbor, or even his mother-in-law start receiving calls from the lending company, they might start suspecting him of having debts.

How to prevent it: Pay on time or proactively warn the lender about the payment delay. Some lenders may be considerate, which means they will stop calling for some time, offer a repayment schedule, or even waive the penalties.

In case it happens: Pay the debt or get in touch with the lender to find a solution as soon as possible. Pedro should be fair and should not give empty promises. If he promises to pay on the next day, the operator will note this in the system. If the payment is not settled, Pedro will automatically end up on the blacklist. As an option, Pedro may pay as much as he can. It will not prevent the calls but at least he will maintain his white-listed status.



Stage 3: Face-to-face collection.

Since Pedro is not picking up calls from the lender, the situation has gotten worse. The lender’s field collections officers have come to visit him at home. They are calm, polite, and will never harm anyone; but are very assertive and they know what they have to do. If unsuccessful, they will keep on coming back until the debt is paid. Sometimes, the lender passes the debt to a third party collection firm. This, unfortunately, changes nothing for Pedro.

Timing: Depends on the lender. It usually takes 60 to 180 days after the due date.

Charges: Php 100 – 300 pesos monthly.

Worst thing about it: The collectors are very assertive. They will be visiting the residence or the workplace if the borrower doesn’t pay. The neighbors and the family of Pedro may become the unwitting witnesses of him trying to explain his situation.

How to prevent it: Pay the debt before the due date or during the previous stage.

In case it happens: Pay the debt directly to the collector as soon as possible or agree on a new payment date. In this case, Pedro should keep his promise.



Stage 4: Last chance. Court.

Pedro keeps on ignoring the collectors. The lender’s next step is to pass this to the Small Claims Court. Since Pedro is too preoccupied with watching his TV series, the court hearing takes place without him. With all the documents on hand, the judge sentences Pedro to pay his debt in full immediately.

Timing: 90 days after the due date.

Charges: The debt and all the penalties plus an attorney and agency fee of Php 5,000.

Worst thing about it: Pedro will most likely lose the case. The court will sentence Pedro to pay the full debt amount including additional fees and court charges.

How to prevent it: The lender warns the borrower before filing a case. Best way is to pay off the debt before the court or try to agree with the lender on the payment schedule.

In case it happens: Visit the court hearings and fairly explain the situation to the judge. In case the borrower has voluntary signed the contract, there is no chance that the loan will be waived. The only thing the judge can do is to sentence softer conditions of repayment.



Stage 5: No chance. The debt is already with the authorities.

Pedro did not appear in court, lost his case, and didn’t pay the sentenced sum on time. The authorities will come to confiscate his rose-gold tablet.

Timing: Between 1 to 2 months.

Charges: The cumulative debt including the initial loan amount, fees, as well as the attorney and agency fee.

Worst thing about it: The authorities will take Pedro’s properties to cover all the debts: it is possible to take his favorite rose-gold tablet, flat TV, and even his pedigree dog.

How to prevent it: Find the money to pay the debt. There is no point in waiting for the authorities because they could take any property that Pedro has.

In case it happens: When the authorities come, there is nothing Pedro can do.

It is better not to wait for the authorities. Just settle your case with the lender.

We have come down to these 6 points which everyone should keep in mind:

  1. Not everyone who fails to pay is an irresponsible borrower. In extreme situations, everything might end very badly for the borrower.
  2. Lender always warns about the due date first.
  3. It is better to settle the debt directly with the lender.
  4. Before going to court, the credit record is spoiled, but still, everything is not that bad.
  5. If the borrower is called to the court – it’s better for him to appear.
  6. If the authorities come to the borrower – the game is over.

**This is a public service post from Home Credit Philippines

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