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You Can Save More By Spending More

Our living room airconditioner started to act like crazy last week because of extreme summer heat. We needed to look for a replacement immediately so yes, we had to use our “emergency fund“.

At first, my wife and I thought it would be cheaper to buy a second-hand (used), window-type, airconditioning unit of the same brand and same specification. And it’s more convenient for us since there is an airconditioning repair shop just in front of our apartment. So off I went to the airconditioning shop and asked someone to have a quick check-up on our AC unit.

After some pulling out of the cover and peeping through the sills, the repairman told me that the compressor should be replaced. He told me that the compressor costs around $210. I raised my right, no, left eyebrow and asked him ‘why is it so expensive?’

The repairman replied that it’s true. I have to pay $210 for the compressor and another $XXX.00 for the labor.

In my mind I told myself, geesh, the brand new AC costs $340. Why would I settle for a used, crude, second-hand, cranking compressor for my old AC unit when I could buy a brand new one instead for almost the same price?


I immediately told the Bangladeshi or Indian repairmen (now they’re two, another guy came rushing up my apartment to bring a tester or something) that I have to discuss with my wife first because we have some current budget constraint issues. The repairmen just stared at me with dead pan eyes. I knew it. They didn’t understand me.

So I nodded my head sideways just like they normally do. And then I realized that nodding sideways for them is just the same as saying “Yes”. hehe. (Bad me.)

So I nodded again the way a Finoy nods his head when saying “No”. Left to right, right to left. Three times. 😛

My wife and I decided that we buy a brand new unit that very same night using our emergency fund. It’s obvious. It’ll cost us more if we buy a second-hand compressor for our mad 2-year old AC unit.

Save More By Buying A Bit Pricey But Quality Items for Home

Another classic example where we can save more by spending a little bit more is when replacing your light bulbs. Go for the CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs instead of the regular light bulbs. They may be more expensive but they only consume one-fifth of power and could last six to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.

And if you are considering buying new appliances, make sure that you choose energy efficient ones with the Energy Star symbols. You’ll surely save more on energy costs over their useful lives.

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8 thoughts on “You Can Save More By Spending More”

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  2. Buy cost vs Maintenance cost! 😀 hehe

    Though it sounds like the repair guys were charging you a premium. At that price, I’m not sure anyone should even consider second hand.

    …And if you’re brand new air conditioner turned out ti be more energy efficient, you saved even more:D

  3. CFL’s are so last millenium. Go LEDs. But of course dont take my word for it, you can calculate the savings for yourself, maximizing the returns by choosing which bulbs, usually thr most used ones, to change to LED

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for your comment. Personally, if in the Philippines, while waiting for the next generation LED’s, CFL’s are fine for now. The average life-cycle energy consumption of LED lamps and CFLs are actually similar, at approximately 3,900 MJ per 20 million lumen-hours. But will definitely go for LED’s in a couple of years from now which will be twice more energy-efficient than CFL’s.

  4. You can save also by “tawad, tawad” hanggang umabot ito sa bottom price o mataas na discount.. I have a good wealthy friend na mahilig sa tawad, kahit mayaman na siya, ugali niya ang tumawad.
    Or buy things on sale, a good way to save too.

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