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Why We Look Forward to Homeschooling Our Child

When I was a young student, I always get anxious in the morning before going to school. I worry that I’ll be scolded by my teacher if I did something wrong. I was also scared of my bully classmates who teased and hurt me whenever they had the opportunity to do so.

I was also a very emotional child and so much attached to my parents, grandparents, and aunts. I could not focus much on the lectures as I easily miss the company of my loved ones back home. It’s not that I depend too much on them but it’s more of the affection that a young child in me that I was longing for.

Apart from all these, here are some other reasons why this time around, I will never let my child’s happy moments be taken away by the old and traditional way of elementary schooling. Here’s an infographic to illustrate what I’m talking about.

Homeschooling: not always at home

Homeschooling can offer your kids a myriad of educational life experiences.

The Basics
Over 1.5 million kids
Or 3% of all kids
Are homeschooled.

84% received all education at home
11% go to school 5% go to school from 9-25 hours a week

But that doesn’t mean they’re trapped at home.
They’re busy doing some cool things.

Reasons for homeschooling
36% Religious or moral instruction
21% Concern about school environment (safety, drugs, negative peer pressure)
17% dissatisfaction with academic instruction
14% Other reasons (family time, finances, travel, distance)
7% Want to provide a non-traditional approach to education
6% health problems or special needs

They can learn a lot out in the world.

The Park–

Examples Include:
Santa Clara Park Hoppers
Mid Peninsula Homeschoolers

Once a week meetings in local parks.
What can you learn there?
1.) Natural Science
2.) Social Skills
3.) P.E.

Field Trips
No permission slips, no need to schedule months in advance, there are potential field trips all around you.

Examples Include:
1.) Hiking
2.) Museums
3.) Plays
4.) Musical Events
5.) Festivals
6.) Historical Sites

Even the mall.
Even routine errands can be structured as learning experiences for homeschoolers.

Examples Include:
1st grader — learn to count money.
7th grader — write about marketing ideas
12th grader — create an anthropological field study.

Take non-peak season trips. Save money, expand your kids mind.

Examples Include:
Exploring the country
A historical site a few hours away
Or destinations across the world

Comic Con
Bridge the gap between the culture your kid likes and what they should learn.

Examples Include:

Video Games

Cultivate a hobby
Many homsechoolers use the flexibility to focus on a passion there would be no time for at school.

Examples Include:
Many famous child actors are homeschooled.
Music prodigies
Child sports stars
Or any hobby you can think of.

Arguably, you can learn much more at home than at school.


UPDATE (6/15/2015): We will be starting the homeschooling journey of our daughter under the Kindergarten 2 program and is currently enrolled at the Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA). Looking forward to her graduation in March 2016! :)


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    1. Hi Wil. Thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately, I only know two homeschool providers in the country, The Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA) and TMA Homeschool. I know there are others. Perhaps you may want to join Homeschoolers in the Philippines Facebook group to get more information.

  1. I, too, have taken the challenge of homeschooling my 9 yr old daughter. A test of character and perseverance I must say, but all worth it! All the best!

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