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Who’s It Gonna Be? – The 1st Angat Pilipinas Personal Finance Awards

For the very first time in Philippine personal finance industry history, our group Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy will be recognizing the efforts of individuals and organizations that financial literacy in the country.

The Angat Pilipinas Awards (APA) Night is a celebration of people and for people in the Philippine personal finance, investment, and entrepreneurship arenas. This is where we can focus our spotlight on financial institutions, banks, government units, NGO’s, personal finance bloggers, mentors, coaches, advisors, social media groups, authors, teachers, print and broadcast media – so often the unsung heroes of microeconomic progress and financial literacy movement in the Philippines.

The Angat Pilipinas Awards (APA) is the first and only personal finance awarding event in the Philippines that is set to launch in April of 2015.


The APA aims to acknowledge that every individual within the personal finance and investment circle is crucial to the overall success of the financial literacy advocacy. The awards were created to recognize excellence and achievement in these various areas.

To kick things off, we’re opening the nominations for the Personal Finance Blogger of the Year and Influential Author of the Year awards!


The Personal Finance Blogger of The Year

This award is for the best money blog that showcases excellent and engaging content about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and related contents, judged from viewing the live blog plus supporting entry details.

The winning blog will be by a Filipino or a foreigner who encourages financial wellness of Filipinos. It will be entertaining and friendly, giving the reader a real sense of the human behind it and their personality. It will be well written and informative with clear and relevant information about personal finance. Blog should be up to date and consistent with good images to help tell the article. The winning blogger will be able to demonstrate that their blog has a good following in the social media and the blog as a whole shall be visually pleasing and appealing.

The Influential Author of The Year

This award is for the Filipino book author that most clearly demonstrates overall excellence in his or her knowledge of personal finance and investing.

The winning book author will be able to clearly and accurately explain or describe his particular topic on personal finance or investing. Their writing style will be as engaging as it is informative and make readers want to go straight out into improving their finances and their behaviour towards money.

This award will be made to the author of the best personal finance or investing book released in the past year.

Wanna be part of the history? #NominateNow

Who’s it gonna be?

Click here to submit your nominations.

Watch out for the other award categories in the coming weeks!

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