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What’s Money Tree?

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If you rely heavily on the interest of your Savings or Time deposits accounts to grow your money for your future, think again. Those deposit accounts earn only 2.75% or less in a year. Corresponding taxes and bank charges will also be charged if you withdraw your cash. Plus, your money is like a sumptuous meal being devoured by the creepy inflation rate of around 3.6%.  Your money simply loses its value and its purchasing power.

With the Philippine economy rising in unprecedented heights, you may think twice before remitting your dollars back home and let them rot in your deposit accounts.

But where will you put your money for it to grow from 8% to 15% annually if you don’t know anything about investments?

If you are a person who don’t have any idea or background about the stock market, mutual funds, or fixed income securities, you may need to find a suitable plan and an investment vehicle for you.

The Philam Life Money Tree


The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co. (Philam Life) now offers a product called the Money Tree, which provides insurance protection as well as investment options for Filipinos like you.

It’s a one-time payment, life insurance-cum-investment plan which invests in various funds that have yielded returns of 8 to 15 % per year.

The Money Tree comes with a guaranteed life insurance coverage of at least 125% of your initial payment whatever the market condition is.

This new product from Philam Life gives Filipinos here and abroad the chance to invest in high-performing funds that take advantage of the Philippines’ booming economy.

To know more about Philam Life’s Money Tree product, watch this video:

Don’t let you money sleep. Grow it with Philam Life’s Money Tree! Make this as your Christmas gift for you and your family.

Visit the Philam Life website now! Or call my friend Ms. Malu Babia at (0918-930-2480 or 0927-943-0685) or wireless landline (881-6200) for more details.

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