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What is a Free Float Stock?

As we are investing in the stock market, we encounter so many terms that many of us don’t understand at the beginning. One of the main purposes of this blog and our advocacy is to help ordinary Filipino investors understand the basics of money and how to make it grow.

Since we promote investing in stocks for OFW’s, we are introducing certain terminologies used in the stock investing world. One these if the phrase “free float”.

A free float is the number of shares available for trading of a particular stock. These are the stocks that you buy as a retail common stock investor. The stocks you are holding now are not the same stocks that the Sy’s or the Ayala’s or the officers of their companies.

Here’s a lecture from MithrilMoney to explain further on what free float stock is and why it is important for ordinary investors like us.

Were you able to understand the lesson on free float in British-accent? 😀 I hope you did. :)


A Reminder Before Investing

Before pulling out your cash from your savings accounts and cash vaults to invest in the stock market, let me just remind you to take note of these very important things to do first.

1) Build (and replenish) an emergency fund.

2) Pay all your bad debts. Spend only below the amount that you regularly earn. Delay gratification. Prioritize your needs over wants.

3) Insure yourself and your assets. Getting one will protect not only your riches but the financial stability of your family in case you leave this world of the living.

4) Increase your income. Don’t kill the goose that lay the golden eggs. Be the best employee or entrepreneur that you can be.

5) Set your financial goals and objectives for investing.

6) Never put your eggs in just one basket. Stock investing is a great means to acquire higher profits from your investment. But investing a portion of your savings in other instruments like mutual funds or UITF’s or foreclosed properties (this requires further training and education) will help you diversity and protect your money from the volatility of the stock market.

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Rock your way to abundance!


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  1. This is an excellent article that you shared Burn. My journey in the world of stock market is surprisingly progressing through the information I am getting from your blogs. I am always looking forward to your blogs and truly, I am thankful that I come across your website and got registered. More power to you Burn.

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