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We Don’t Die. We Just Change Addresses

I was just about to read the blog post of Bro. Bo Sanchez this morning entitled “How To Start Living In Heaven Now” when I saw an email notification from kumare and former colleague Claire with the subject “Ruth”.

Ruth is a good friend and a former colleague as well in a Japanese company I used to work for. Both Claire and Ruth worked as Accounting professionals under me.

Claire’s email message was straightforward. Ruth succumbed to a 4th stage ovarian cancer.
I remember sending Ruth a Christmas email early December 2012 but did not get a return email greeting. I assumed she just filed a month long leave of absence as she used to do.

According to Claire, Ruth revealed to her about her condition sometime in October 2012 and had taken a couple of months break for her chemotherapy sessions.

Until God finally called her home yesterday morning.

Frustrations and Happy Moments

Ruth was not the perfect employee and colleague. She had flaws and mistakes at work. She had some issues with some workmates. She even created enemies out of those petty office quarrels.

But she was someone you could rely upon when you are in need of spiritual support and encouragement. She was a staunch pro-life advocate and an active church volunteer.

She was someone you can laugh with on some funny issues and funny people at work. I just didn’t bother talking to her about Accounting.  She just hated it. Although she worked under me as an accounts payable associate, accounting was not just her cup of tea.

But she was a very happy family woman and a dog-loving person. If I remember it right, she cried a lot over a pet Labrador who died after getting sick. I have this feeling that both of them are back in each other’s arms.

Happy party moments with late friend Ruth (in red dress)

“We Don’t Die. We Simply Relocate.”

Bo Sanchez hit it right today.

“Death isn’t a dead-end but a doorway.

Death is simply relocation.  Death is changing your soul’s address from one universe to another universe.”

A part of us do not die.  Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies.”

We will miss you, Ruth. But we’ll see you again in your new home. But not too soon.

Keep on smiling over us.

Rest in peace.

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