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Top Pressing Financial Reasons Why You Need To Organize Your Records

Maybe you know where your SSS ID is kept. Maybe you know which drawer you squeezed in your passport. But when your filing cabinet becomes like the traffic in EDSA or the Los Angeles freeway and you can’t find a document that you need in at least 10 minutes, then it’s high time for your files to have a makeover.

Here are some of the pressing financial reasons why you need to get a better handle on all your documents sprawling around your house.

Less cost on fees. Your accountant or tax lawyers will charge your less on man-hour costs and professional fees if your files are well-organized. Having good records will save you money in the long run.

Saves you time. If your files are organized and properly labeled, it will be easier for you and your family members to pull them out if immediately needed.

Easier for family members to pick up documents when you are not around. More importantly, having your files organized will be easier for your spouse or kids to look for your files when needed and if you are not around. You will also set a good example to your family members when they see how organized you are.

Unorganized records lead to relationship friction. You may have experienced blaming your spouse or parents when you were looking for a particular document during an emergency and you could not find them. You can avoid these blame games by maintaining a good filing system.

Lets you know your current financial situation. Having good records and organized filing system will also help you and your family members understand what you currently have and how your cash flows in and out of your accounts.

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Transform Your Piles Into Files

Don’t procrastinate, start your simple home filing system now. You can start with just 10 to 20 major categories for your hanging files or filing folders.

Here are some examples for you to consider:

  1. Cash and banking records
  2. Mutual funds and unit investment trust funds
  3. Stock brokerage accounts
  4. Retirement plans
  5. Insurance (Non-life)
  6. Insurance (Life/critical illness/disability)
  7. Insurance (Medical)
  8. Estate plans
  9. Work-related files
  10. Home purchase and improvements
  11. Loans and mortgages
  12. Cars/vehicles
  13. Taxes and government filings
  14. Warranties and manuals of your appliances and gadgets
  15. School records of your children
  16. Personal financial records and inventory

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