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The 3 Step Formula to Grow Your Audience

There’s a myth going around.

Ask anyone the best way to get noticed online, chances are they’ll say: “Just produce more content!”

Or, “Just write more books!”

Or, “Start a podcast! Shoot some videos! Write more blog posts!”

Somehow it’s as if flinging out random content into the world will somehow magically help you grow your audience and find more readers.

If you’ve ever tried that approach, I’m betting you burned out pretty quick.


Overwhelm is a killer. And so is bad advice. When you don’t know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, it’s no wonder people struggle to grow their businesses.

My favorite approach: find someone who’s found success and model their approach to your own business.

And that’s what my email is all about today.

My friend Nick Stephenson has just released a free online training series that breaks down how he went from a struggling graduate trying to find work to a business owner and author bringing in 7 figures a year.

Using ebooks and publishing.

The first video in this free video training series is out right now for a limited time – in this session Nick explains the 5 top struggles that online business owners face, and the super-specific 3 step formula you can use to overcome them.

Go watch the video below:

Get The Video NOW!!!

Just click the link above, enter your email address, and you’ll get access to the first video right away. Then Nick will send you the rest of the training series when it’s ready.

In this free video training series you’ll also learn:

> how to use ebooks to grow your audience on autopilot
> how to sell without being sleazy, and get readers begging to buy from you
> how to put everything on autopilot so you can avoid overwhelm and focus on other things
> why “just write more content” is terrible advice, and what you should do instead

Over the course of 3 videos, Nick’s going to break it all down for you.

But for now, go watch Video 1 below:

Watch the Video NOW!!!

And Nick will be sure to send you the rest of your free training as soon as it’s ready.


Bernard Gutierrez

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