Stocks, Bonds, Funds – What’s The Difference?

It’s back to basics once again for our readers and OFW UsapangPiso Forum members.

Why go back to basics? Because only less than 1% of the Filipino population are investing. And it is presumed that almost half of that 1% are plainly putting their money in financial instruments such as stocks, funds, and bonds without even knowing the basic principles and concepts of investing. We really need a lot of catching up to do to reach out to the rest of the country.

For today’s post, I will be embedding video clips from various resources like Pesos and Sense, Investopedia, and InvestingAnswers. Continue reading Stocks, Bonds, Funds – What’s The Difference?

What Happens To Your Stocks When You Die?

What happens to your stocks when you die?

They’ll get stuck. Just kidding. 😉

Some of my colleagues and forum members were asking me this question as I was promoting to them the benefits of investing in the stock market. I know. This should have been written last month during Halloween.

But seriously, this is one question that any investor should not be ashamed to ask. As a matter of fact, this should really be discussed by any investing family person with his or her family members and loved ones even during ordinary days. And with disasters such as the recent typhoon, we really need to be ready.

Someone from your family must know the things to do when you die. One of these is taking care of your estate. Continue reading What Happens To Your Stocks When You Die?