5 Awesome Online “Rakets” You Can Earn Money From

Many of us have experienced having low salary or earning minimum wage as employees at a certain point in our career. We also looked for “sidelines” to augment our income to help pay the bills.

Some sold beauty products or apparel to officemates on a hulugan (installment) payment mode. Others sold cold cuts or merienda to co-workers on a “sa sweldo mo na bayaran” (pay on salary date) agreement. I’m pretty sure each of you has a lot of good stories to tell and experiences to share.

But since many Filipinos have become more internet- and social media-savvy, it’s about time to look for more sidelines and work-from-home rakets. Here are the new hit rakets that you can try on weekends or during your free time (not during your official working hours please).

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1. Freelance Work

The Philippines has been on top of the call center and BPO industries globally in the past few years. If you have an experience as a call center agent or as a customer support officer in these industries, you may have a better edge than others who will try doing this for the first time.

You can be employed as an online or phone customer service assistant, advisor, support, etc. while being with your loved ones at home by companies like Teletech, Apple, ConvergysAmazon, Xerox and many others.

You can also apply via freelance websites such as Upwork (formerly Odesk), Raket.Ph, Elance, etc. as a freelance writer, salesman, virtual assistant, language teacher, accountant, and whole lot of jobs available based on your skills.


2. Make Money by Blogging

A blog is a website that uses a dynamic software platform like the free WordPress or Blogger. You need to learn first or ask someone to help you out in creating your blog or website.

Blogging about fresh and sought-after topics can be a very lucrative way to earn extra money while being employed. I personally have some blogger friends who are earning more than when they were still employed.

But remember, this is not a short-cut to earning big bucks. You have to invest in knowledge, resources, and time in order to earn from blogging.

In order for you to earn from this raket you need to consider your blog as a business. You should also know your “voice” whether you are a teacher or a student blogger.

New bloggers should also learn the proper way of using keyword research techniques, how to get traffic, marketing methods, site optimization, promotional venues, and other components of a successful money-making blog.

You can make money in blogging by selling products or services, direct advertising (by selling ad space or writing advertorials), or sell products for companies handled by affiliate marketing companies like Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc.

Another effective way to make money from blogging is by joining advertising network like Google AdSense, Nuffnang, Infolinks, Revenuehits, Yahoo! Bing Ad Network, Chitika, and many others.


3. Doing Paid Surveys

Instead of just wasting your time posting unnecessary evils on your Facebook or social media accounts, why not become an online panelist and earn extra money online from the comforts of your home? Doing paid surveys is surely another way of earning income to pay for your needs or even wants.

Some of the best survey websites that pay good cash are American Consumer Opinion, ClearVoice, My Survey, and Survey Savvy, and Esearch. When you register for these survey sites, they will send you survey invitations through your email together with the respective reward amount. You should then respond and complete the questionnaire.

Many of these surveys will take only about 10 to 30 minutes of your time. Some of these survey companies also conduct surveys via telephone, SMS, and other venues that can pay you even more.



4. Partner with Online Service Companies

Do you have a property like a house in your beautiful province or a condo in the city that is seldom used by you or your family members? Why not have it rented out via AirBnb to other people who may want to visit the place where your property is located? You can have it rented out as little or as much as you can and as much or little as you want.

I can say that AirBnb is relatively safe since they offer a guarantee of $1,000,000 to protect you from any kind of property damage caused by your renters. It also has a renter rating system so you can decide whether to rent it out or not to a particular person.

Other than that, you also earn if you invite more friends to try Airbnb or earn travel credit for each new friend you invite. You will get $25 when they travel and $75 when they host their home.

Or maybe you have a good-running car that is seldom being used? Why not be an Uber driver or have someone you trust drive it for you around your area? A lot of people going to and from work need a lift especially during rush hours.

However, make sure that your car is registered under your name and is insured. Also, make sure that you or your driver is at least 21 years old and has a valid driver’s license to avoid any trouble. You will also need to have an iPhone 4s or 2013 Android phone at least to be qualified.


5. Sell Your Own Products or Services

I’ve met a lot of people who once struggled in their lifetime as scrappy salaried-employees but have become financially-secured afterwards because of their perseverance and determination to succeed in their online businesses.

One of my friends was once terminated by his employer for not disclosing the truth the he did not graduate from college. He redeemed himself by not becoming an employee any longer. He now continuously earns thousands by being a sales agent for real estate companies and selling condo and house units through his social media pages.

Another former colleague also resigned from work and focused instead on selling fresh and tinapang bangus on Facebook with his wife.

You can also sell what you think people are looking for online. Start by asking yourself what are the products or services you are looking for but are hard to find online? Are they always out of stock? Then search for suppliers of this product and be a distributor.

You can also enhance yourself by enrolling in a course for a service that people are always looking for and offer these online.

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