How GTC Ordering Can Benefit Busy SAM Investors

SAM is the acronym for locally-known bourse jargon called strategic averaging method. It is a semi-active trading and medium-term approach of investing. Most traders and investors using this strategy are members of Bro. Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club (TRC), a global community that aims to “help good people become rich”.

SAM is a modified version of cost averaging strategy where you buy below prices and continue to buy until target price is hit, in which you sell everything. Most SAM advocates have COL Financial as their stockbroker but there are some non-Truly Rich Club (TRC) member traders who follow this strategy by looking at COL’s investment guides.

COL Financial supports TRC in applying SAM through their EIP ordering method. But apart from the EIP, DAY or ATO (Off-Hours Order), some online stock trading platforms have special ordering features such as Good This Week (GTW), Good This Month (GTM), Good Till Cancelled (GTC), or At-The-Close (ATC).

In the case of COL Financial, they have the GTC and ATC ordering options. Continue reading How GTC Ordering Can Benefit Busy SAM Investors

I Trade With My Loose Change

If you are an active trader and you happen to read my post on how my stock portfolio looks like, you would say that I’m a very boring investor.

My 3-guard combo stock market strategy is made up of three parts where the biggest part is dedicated to long-term investing. This is where I buy shares from two of my favorite companies: Ayala Land (ALI) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Guess why I chose them for my long-term investing. Cost-averaging for these two companies is like feeding green leafy vegetables for my portfolio’s longevity. 😛

The second biggest part is intended for my medium-term investing which uses the strategic averaging method. For the past few months, I have First Philippine Holdings (FPH), Meralco (MER), and Metro Pacific (MPI) that I buy below prices and continue to buy until target prices are hit. And then sell them all. But I may consider one of them to be part of my long-term investing soon. Continue reading I Trade With My Loose Change