How To Start A Business Effectively

Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many among us. Especially for those who have been employees for the most parts of their lives.

But how do we really start a business? What do we need to have in order to prepare for one? Is it the money? Do we need to have a good business idea first?

I believe that for one to jumpstart a business idea, one has to prepare his or her mindset first. Remember that going into business will be one of the most crucial decisions in life one has to make in order for him or her to accomplish his dreams. Continue reading How To Start A Business Effectively

Is It Sin To Die Poor?

My parents both came from poor families. Okay, both my parents are related to their respective middle class clans. But because they grew up during the post-WW2 years, were almost everyone struggled financially, recovering from poverty was hard for them to accomplish.

To answer the question whether it is sin be born poor, my answer is an obvious No. But if one chooses to stay poor, then that is equates to being irresponsible steward of God’s blessings in life. And therefore it is sin to remain and die poor.

But is it solely the “sinner’s” fault to not know how to overcome poverty during his or her lifetime? What if the society he lives in does not provide opportunities for him to learn how to gain wealth and stop being poor? Continue reading Is It Sin To Die Poor?

“Thou Shalt Not Be Poor” – The 11th Commandment

Ms. Rosalind Wee of Marine Resources Development Corp. was the one who coined that 11th Commandment tagline, FYI. :)

It’s the first phrase that you will read upon opening the first pages of the new book of Bro. Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid called “How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit – 8 Keys to Build a Truly Rich Business”.

This morning, our office Admin boys entered my room and handed me this dark brown/black box which I first thought was a box of chocolates. I was hallucinating and famished so please forgive me. Continue reading “Thou Shalt Not Be Poor” – The 11th Commandment