What Are The Differences Between Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes? (Infographic)

It has been several years since this blog started exposing “scams” and investment scandals here in the Philippines and abroad.

We do our very best to protect our countrymen from falling prey to these scammers and fraudsters by providing free information and education through seminars and articles such as this one.

Thankfully, an online colleague (Thanks to Eammon!) decided to produce the below visual asset on the topic. It takes you through how they both work and what the key differences are between the two. Continue reading What Are The Differences Between Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes? (Infographic)

ALERT! New Scams to Avoid (2014)

It’s been more than a year since we last updated our database of scams and potential scammers targeting Filipinos here and abroad so we really have to watch out for the new ones preying on our poor kababayans.

Time to identify some of the recently identified and suspected scams.

Huwag nang patagalin pa. Here they are: Continue reading ALERT! New Scams to Avoid (2014)

How to Recover from Investment Failures

Some people have gotten tired of investing their money because of past failures and wrong decisions. Discouraged by losses brought about by the global financial crises in the past, many have opt to be too “conservative” that they just leave all their money in savings and time deposit accounts. Or worst, they just keep them under their pillows.

Taking risks again after losing thousands of bucks from investing in unknown businesses or schemes will not be very easy. Many of them admit that they have learned their lesson well and therefore decided not to invest again. However, this is a wrong approach of learning from life’s failures.

Here are three proper ways to learn and move on from all these bad experiences. Continue reading How to Recover from Investment Failures