Why We Look Forward to Homeschooling Our Child

When I was a young student, I always get anxious in the morning before going to school. I worry that I’ll be scolded by my teacher if I did something wrong. I was also scared of my bully classmates who teased and hurt me whenever they had the opportunity to do so.

I was also a very emotional child and so much attached to my parents, grandparents, and aunts. I could not focus much on the lectures as I easily miss the company of my loved ones back home. It’s not that I depend too much on them but it’s more of the affection that a young child in me that I was longing for.

Apart from all these, here are some other reasons why this time around, I will never let my child’s happy moments be taken away by the old and traditional way of elementary schooling. Here’s an infographic to illustrate what I’m talking about. Continue reading Why We Look Forward to Homeschooling Our Child