Will You Establish a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation?

Deciding whether to register and run a business as a sole prorietorship, a partnership or a corporation is one of the most important things to consider. This is because failure to recognize and decide which form of organization to establish can cause problems to a business in the long run. But even if this is a fact that any entrepreneur knows, still a lot of people are confused which type of business is best for their company.

In many cases, business owners will just tap a “smart” friend or an accountant colleague in making this kind of decision. However, getting the right information from the right people is crucial to this decision.

On our next Enter Entrepreneurship webinar, our friend Atty. Energyte Baldonado will help you understand how these three types of business are being operated, its legal and tax implications, how profits are divided and distributed, the expenses and cost of registering, among many other helpful topics.

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Is It Sin To Die Poor?

My parents both came from poor families. Okay, both my parents are related to their respective middle class clans. But because they grew up during the post-WW2 years, were almost everyone struggled financially, recovering from poverty was hard for them to accomplish.

To answer the question whether it is sin be born poor, my answer is an obvious No. But if one chooses to stay poor, then that is equates to being irresponsible steward of God’s blessings in life. And therefore it is sin to remain and die poor.

But is it solely the “sinner’s” fault to not know how to overcome poverty during his or her lifetime? What if the society he lives in does not provide opportunities for him to learn how to gain wealth and stop being poor? Continue reading Is It Sin To Die Poor?