Here’s Why You Should Really Get An Insurance NOW

One of the most compelling stories about life insurance that I’ve heard when I first joined Sun Life in 2017 was that of one of our branch Manager’s first clients way back in 1993.  His first client was in his early 20’s, single, and was his family’s bread winner.  He got life insurance with a coverage of Php 1,000,000 with an annual payment of about Php 10,000 or so, payable every quarter – or about Php 2,500 per quarter. 

After getting insured and paying for the first 2 quarters, he went on an out-of-town beach outing with his friends.  Unfortunately, he accidentally drowned.  That left his family without a breadwinner: his parents don’t have jobs or a business, his younger sister is still finishing accounting studies in college, and they were just renting the house where they were living in at that time. Continue reading Here’s Why You Should Really Get An Insurance NOW