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So Close,Yet So Far Away – Free Personal Finance Seminar for OFW’s in Israel

Our personal finance guru, Randell Tiongson will be conducting a free simple financial planning seminar for our OFWs based in Israel.  Most of the invited attendees are members of our OFW UsapangPiso Forum based in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

As compared to our previous personal finance seminar in Singapore, which is actually several thousand miles away from where I am, this one is a little bit more challenging. In case you don’t know, telecommunication between Saudi Arabia and Israel is totally forbidden, even if they are just neighboring countries.

So close, yet so far away.

The reason? Purely historical and religious. Jews and Arabs have been fighting against each other since Biblical times. I hope to tell you the whole story behind this animosity between two great peoples of God soon.

In my case, I can not send even a single SMS or a quick mobile phone call from here to our coordinator Charma de Villa in  Haifa, Israel. The message will say, “Call Barred”.

Nevertheless, OFW’s who are based in Israel and Saudi Arabia are still blessed that the social media is here to help us in communicating with each other. We’re far more blessed than those in China, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, and North Korea where Facebook usage is banned and no way can be accessed. Well, what can you expect from North Korea. Internet there is totally banned.

To make things short, all our communications are done through Facebook and our OFW UsapangPiso forum site.


The free personal finance seminar for the OFWs by Randell Tiongson, RFP will be conducted in Tel Aviv, Israel this Saturday (TODAY!!!), November 10 at 7:30pm.

Venue is at 15-3rd Floor, Neva Shaanan Street, Tel-Aviv, Israel. You may call 545-802-575 this morning if you want to join. There is still time.

(UPDATE!!! A 2nd round of no-holds barred personal finance seminar will be held today, November 13, 2012, Tuesday at 2PM in Protea Village Bnei Dror, Tel-Mond, Haifa Road, Israel. Please get in touch with Charma de Villa at +972 547 485429 for reservations.)

Everyone is invited! Your quest for financial peace starts here. Shalom and Asalamma Alaikum!

5 thoughts on “So Close,Yet So Far Away – Free Personal Finance Seminar for OFW’s in Israel”

  1. It’s a great thing, OFW Usapang Piso is now serving as a bridge of communication between two destinations that never been possible before.

  2. Not so much time to prepare Burn, masyado ako na stressed…hahaha! Difficult communications to you, nose bleeding communication to the speaker himself…..and of course to the embassy here. Top of it all, the seminar ended succesfull. And the good news, we’ll be having another one tomorrow on my very own place..PROTEA VILLAGE.

    1. Oo nga eh. Hirap talaga organize kung magkakalayo. Tapos di nga pwedeng magtawagan from here to Israel. Pero since pinagdasal naman yan, at for a a good purpose, siguradong magiging successful yan. Good luck sa Haifa personal finance seminar mamaya! Pix ha! hehe.

    2. Send mo sa ken mamaya summary ng seminar and kung ano ang feedback ng attendees. I’ll do a writeup para ma-inspire naman ang mga members natin from other countries na mag-sponsor din ng personal finance and investment seminars. Thanks.

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