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How To Pay Forward Your Learnings

In one way or another and somewhere along your life’s journey you encounter opportunities to learn new things. New things that would change your love anew and maybe for forever. Or sometimes these aren’t new things at all but rather new discoveries of your special skills, knowledge, or even experience that somehow has contributed to the good of your organization or the society as a whole.

In my personal experience of sharing what I have learned from mentors, only a few heeded the call of joining the financial litersacy missions and mentoring other people. Many of them, after gaining the knowledge, has kept the “secrets” to themselves or to within their small circles of friends and family members.

And so the questions to ask ourselves, are we willing to share whatever we receive from others whether its material or spiritual in nature? Do we save the goodness and the benefits only for ourselves and for our loved ones alone? Do use our talents not only to earn from it or to help others who need them most?

Every gift, talent, wisdom, expertise are powerful gifts that deserve to be shared. It may be yours to keep since you worked hard to have it. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it to yourself only. You have a mission to go out into the world to liberate people and inspire them to believe that they can achieve whatever they badly need in life.

Listen to Trevor from the movie Pay It Forward and learn how real sharing means:

Pay It Forward By Joining the Angat Pilipinas Coalition Trainors Camp 2014

Do you have what it takes to share to fellow Filipinos your wisdom on finances? Would you like to teach others how to be responsible spenders? Would you like to go to poorest corners of the city or the farthest barangays in your province and teach the kids and parents about saving money?

Then join our Trainors Camp 2014 and become equipped with wisdom and knowledge as a teacher of practical financial education. Happening on November 29 at a venue in the Metro soon to be announced, trainees will be carefully molded into effective and selfless teachers of personal finance through the expertise of Mr. PinoySmartSaver, Alvin Tabanag, a registered financial planner and renowned author.



The Trainors Camp 2014 is mainly intended for volunteers of Angat Pilipinas Coalition educators so that they will be able to impart financial knowledge to Filipinos wherever they go around the Philippines and in every country they are in.

However, we will be accepting new volunteers to commit to our mission and vision and become educators of personal finance to other people. We will not allow participants who will use this training for their own personal consumption only.

You have to Pay It Forward.

Volunteers based overseas will be given a chance to join the Camp via our exclusive live online feed or through the recording of the onsite training camp. There will be an assessment or exam to prove that volunteers are ready to reach out to others after the Camp.

Keep on visiting our Angat Pilipinas Coalition website for details and fresh updates.

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P.S. 1. Bro. Bo Sanchez has appointed me as a coach for our young and new investors at the TrulyRichClub social site. It’s a fun, learning family with the purpose of “helping good people become rich”. I’m inviting you to join the TrulyRichClub too and email me at if you have any questions. Click here to join!

P.S. 2. The 1st Angat Pilipinas Personal Finance Awards has opened the nominations phase for the Blogger of the YearAuthor of the Year awards, Advocacy Group of the Year, and the Institution of the Year Awards. Got someone or a group in mind deserving recognition? Submit your nominations here!

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