How To Prepare Yourself For Investing

Why do you invest? Is it just because you want your money to grow? And then what next? Buy whatever you want? And then what next? Become the prettiest and handsomest financially-broken heartthrob in your neighborhood?

Usually, and based on my experience, this post-Christmas month of January has the most number of people getting interested about growing their money. Many ask around online forums, radio or TV shows, and even in news columns about where to keep their money and take profit more than what their money usually get from the bank.

This is probably because most people would always want to have a good start of their lives for the year. Continue reading How To Prepare Yourself For Investing

Your Children Are Not Investments

The last four days have been an enormous spiritual experience for me and my family. We may not have been able to see Pope Francis but the video clips, the articles, the news, and the collective prayers of different churches and spiritual communities online have helped us experience the “Lolo Kiko fever”.

The whole Papal visit was all about the children and the youth. From the Villamor Air Base, young students greeted the Pope with songs and dance. When the Pope was on his ‘jeepney’ PopeMobile while plying the streets of Manila and on the way to the University of Santo Tomas, he was captured by energy of the teens and the children. He hugged and kissed babies, toddlers, and the rest of the youngsters. Most of all, the adults showed and expressed the “children within” them.

Now that the Pope has left the country, what lessons have we learned and realized that our children are God’s blessings and not our properties? Continue reading Your Children Are Not Investments

How To Protect Yourself When Shopping Online

Christmas Season is over but most people’s shopping don’t end with the Season. There are so many upcoming reasons to shop again such as Valentine’s Day, Graduation Day, and other ordinary celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.

And just like before Christmas, a lot of people go for online shopping as this is more convenient, easier, and quicker to transact. But before one has to click that “Add To Car” button, he or she should make sure that computer’s internet browsers, operating systems and security software are up-to-date. The best defense against viruses, malware, and other online threats is a clean computer.

Here are some other ways to protect yourself when shopping online as provided by Continue reading How To Protect Yourself When Shopping Online