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My Frugal Valentine Date: A Throwback

I met a very beautiful girl back in early 2003 when I was still a very young, skinny, and hungry, small-earning audit professional in the Philippines.

It’s not that I’m complaining but it was really hard dating a model-looking, gorgeous, young lady who stands 5’8″ and looks like Jodi Sta. Maria (a tad even better). I always had to guard her from potential stealers and colegiala-snatchers like our neighbor John Lloyd Cruz.

But inspite of her alluring aesthetics and captivating charm, I was lucky to have dated her, albeit, on a cheapskate level.

Pre-Valentine Dates by the Riverbanks with Canned Tuna as Dinner

Oh by the way, before anything unwanted happens, the girl I was dating back then eventually became my lovely, lovable, loving wife. 😉

So going back to where we were a decade ago, our pre-Valentine nights were spent in an open park by the Riverbanks in Marikina. It’s actually on the same spot where SM Marikina is standing right now. If you are not familiar with the place, go visit the website of the Riverbanks Center.

We would celebrate our pre-Valentine’s Day nights on a frugal note (we don’t go out on Valentine’s Day, okay?) by grabbing a canned tuna (the one with the SM Bonus label), hot & spicy that is, from the SaveMore Supermarket inside the Riverbanks Mall for just Php10.00.

And then buy a couple of cups of rice (Php5.00 each cup of rice) from the nearest carinderia. No problem with the spoon and fork since Jollibee is just right at the corner of the mall and I would just trick their staff by saying, “Nakalimutan nyong lagyan ng spoon and fork yung take-out order namin.Medyo galit pa mukha ha. So we’re getting them for free. Bad me. Hehe.

So paano bubuksan ang SM Bonus Hot & Spicy canned tuna?


Well, I always had in my backpack the multi-tool gadget/Swiss knife which a friend gave me as a farewell gift before I left the previous country I worked in. And that tool made our pre-Valentine date nights with canned tuna much easier.

Another kakampi of ours was the shemagh I bought in the Middle East back then and that served as our carpet on the green grass of dreams and love spells. No need for candlelights or a bonfire kase may nagsusunog din naman ng basura nearby. Tsk tsk.

Now I’m happily dating forever this very lovely, thoughtful, and gorgeous lady. I love you, Mommy! Mwah! ;P

So nothing really serious about this post. I just felt I need to share our simple Valentine story to our young readers who worry too much about where to spend their date nights on this special occasion. You don’t have to spend too much, folks. You just need to be a little bit creative.

Kung ma-f-friend zone ka, talagang ma-ffriend zone ka.

Most importantly, you and your (potential) partner should be happy in your (pre-)relationship and with your time being together. Date lang ng date. They don’t need to be expensive.

Dito pa lang makikita mo na kung ano ang magiging future nyo in terms of being happy and your ability to handle your problems, relationship, and finances.

Happy Balentayms, liver lovers! 😉

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