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My colleagues are investing in the stock market

Forgive me for my slanderous first blog which i posted last evening. I just couldn’t help but rant against those people who are “exercising freedom of speech” yet do not think that others may be put in grave danger for their lack of forethought.

Let me give you some good news now.

After three months of convincing some colleagues about the importance of saving and investing a significant portion of their monthly salaries, five of my colleagues have eventually set their foot on the world of investing. Four of them have opened their individual stock portfolios through my highly-recommended online stockbroker, COL Financial Group, Inc. All four of them are so excited about the promises of long-term investing. Through my guidance, I recommended the same stocks that I am buying under the strategic averaging method or SAM as members of the TrulyRichClub call it. Here’s a toast to the four new musketeers of long term stock market investing!

By the way, apart from the SAM stocks (SMPH, MEG, JGS, FPH, BPI) that are currently on my portfolio, I still have ALI (Ayala Land) on my EIP. And on its first year, it posted 35% unrealized gain as of today. All because of my solid belief on the company and with my consistent investing of small amount every month.

Back to my cool colleagues investing stories’, the fifth guy opted to invest a big chunk of his savings in the government’s housing bonds called “Bahay Bonds” through the management of Landbank. Well, I wasn’t aware that he will be investing six figures in his initial try as an investor. He focused too much on the “fixed rate returns” of investing in bonds. Of course, 5 to 6% of fixed annual return is good. But would that be any better than an annual average gain of  (at least) 12% through stock market investing? I was thinking maybe he got scared about the “uncertainty” of profits in the stock market. He should have understood that one does not need to invest all his savings in one basket, such as those housing bonds. Especially if you are a new investor.

What one really needs to do is invest a small portion of his or her salary on a religious and scheduled basis, monthly that is. Unless you are earning quarterly. Still, accumulate at least 20% of your income or salary and invest it in various investment instruments. Your monthly or quarterly investment does not need to be BIG. I’m talking about small amount on a regular basis.

I will try to write more about other investment instruments available in the Philippines on my next post so that more overseas-based Filipinos reading my blogs will have options at hand.

Nevertheless, I’m proud to say that I was able to lead five people to walk with me towards a future of wealth and abundance. Thank you Lord for this blessing.

And sorry for my being harsh towards one of Your cool activist attorneys in town.


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