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It’s My Blog’s Anniversary Today!

I’ve been blogging for over a decade already starting out with my online/email newsletter called “BURN! Express” back in 1999-2002. It was actually an unofficial fun/entertainment newsletter which I headed for the then current and former employees of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Philippines (C.L. Manabat/Navarro, Amper & Co currently).

By 2003, I started using Friendster and LiveJournal alternately in writing my thoughts and opinion about politics, religion, trekking, sports, personal advocacies, music, UFO’s, and relationships. I was also contributing articles to newspapers, reflection guides, and youth-oriented magazines and the experience was simply overwhelming.

But this is my first time to blog and write things I am passionate about using my own name as the website and domain name, BurnGutierrez.Com at the same time. It’s like having my self-title debut album but instead of song tracks, I have my articles to let my visitors read, think, hear, and reflect about money, music, faith, and everything else.

A Big Thank You!

It’s been a great blogging year sharing my ideas and experience mostly to OFW’s (overseas Filipino workers) on how to manage their finances and how to live a frugal lifestyle. Through this blog and my advocacy at OFW UsapangPiso Forum and Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, I was able to meet people from all walks of life and folks with different views about money.

I thank God first and foremost for the gift of love for writing and the compassion to share to others.

Through this blog I was also able to know, meet, and become friends (albeit virtually only) with the biggest names in personal finance and investing in the Philippines and even the U.S.  I am blessed and honored for being able to be connected to these wonderful and passionate people whose lives are dedicated to serving others by sharing their wisdom and generosity. May they continue to multiply and make our nation even richer!

Of course, I would like to thank my friends, loved ones, avid readers, and followers for believing in my mission and advocacy to help fellow Filipinos become financially independent through the articles being posted in this blog. Rest assured that I will continue to write more helpful (and entertaining) articles for you to enjoy reading and sharing to your friends and loved ones. Mabuhay po kayo!

And last but not the least, this blog is mostly dedicated to the girls of my life, my wife Monic and baby Ruru, for inspiring me to never stop writing. Their wisdom is my joy and their love is my strength.

My Anniversary Freebies to My Readers!

THOR 2: The Dark World – Blocked Movie Screening for the benefit of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, Jeremiah 33 Foundation and Sisters of the Divine Missionary

As my way of saying “Thank you!” to my readers and blog subscribers, I’ll be giving away two (2) FREE tickets to the blocked screening of THOR 2: The Dark World at the Glorietta 4, Cinema 1 on October 30, 2013, Wednesday.

I will be choosing two testimonials or stories on how this blog was able to help them in improving their finances either through delaying gratification, simple living, or growing their money through investing and business. Comment below now! :)

FREE snacks and great prizes will also be given away! For those who may want to buy tickets for this blocked screening for your friends and loved ones, you can double your chances to WIN if you buy 5 or more tickets. Part of the proceeds will go to 3 charities namely, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, Jeremiah 33 Foundation and Sisters of the Divine Missionary.

Thank you once again for following BurnGutierrez.Com and I hope to inspire you more and give you more spirited (kampai!) and meaningful articles in the coming days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, eons, and beyond! And I pray that you’ll be continued to be blessed in all areas of your life!

Happy Anniversary to You! :)

Join the OFW UsapangPiso Facebook Group and Forum to learn how to plan your finances the right way and how to grow your money in various financial instruments and investment vehicles such as stocks, mutual funds, UITF’s, bonds, money market, real estate, and others.

P.S. 1. Bro. Bo Sanchez has appointed me as a coach for our young and new investors at the TrulyRichClub social site. It’s a fun, learning family with the purpose of “helping good people become rich”. I’m inviting you to join the TrulyRichClub too and email me at if you have any questions. Click here to join!

P.S. 2.  I’m inviting you to attend our entrep webinar called “Negosyo 101 for OFW’s: A Crash Course on Entrepreneurship and Business Development on September 28, 2013 at 3PM (Philippine time) with our ever reliable personal finance blogging celebrity Fitz Villafuerte. This online seminar is cool and fits (Fitz!) those who are based abroad and either wanting to grab business ideas or just expand/grow their existing ventures. You can get more details of the webinar by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “It’s My Blog’s Anniversary Today!”

  1. Happy anniversary to your blog! I signed up immediately since I started to invest in the stockmarket and as a noob I have learned so much. My siblings and I were raised by money-savvy parents and have been practicing the ‘kurot’ principle before I have read it here, and so I am glad. Yet, stock investment is something that my parents did not venture into, deeming it risky. At my age I kind of regret that I haven’t discovered it soon, but then (as learned again from here) age is not an excuse. Thank you so much for the posts that inspired me to have a better financial mindset so I can plan a better future for my family. Godspeed :)

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for the greetings! I’m glad to hear that the blog is helping you in your investing journey. Are you based in Manila? Would you like to get the 2 movie tickets to the exclusive screening of Thor on the 30th? Please send an email to with your full name and contact details if you’re interested. Happy investing to you! :)

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