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Is Giving To The Poor A Crazy Idea?

How much do you keep for your future? How much of your salary do you set aside for the poor? How much do you give to your church’s missions?


Years ago, our way of giving was just like that. We give to the church and to the poor out of what’s left from our salaries. And sometimes, we even thought of giving lesser than what we’re already offering. We listened too much to people who believe that offering to the church that nourishes our spiritual lives or giving alms to the poor are crazy ideas.

A lot of people just lost their trust in the church. I’m hoping that they’ve not lost their hope in God. It’s their duty to bring back that faith in their respective churches.

How Should We Give To The Poor?

“And Abram gave him a tenth of everything.”– Genesis 14:20

It is a great blessing and a great joy that God has touched our hearts and gave us the gift of wisdom to become financially-wiser than what we were before. The more we get closer to money, the more we get closer to God.

We started to believe that money is just an instrument to spread God’s love and blessings to everyone who need it the most. To keep budgeting simple, we automatically give at least 10% to the church that provides us our spiritual needs: our connection and personal relationship to God. The church in turn gives to the ministry for the poor and the orphaned.

My wife and I believe that every time we give, blessings overflow. We also believe that giving should be planned and eventually become automatic whenever we receive.

Where To Give Today?

Some people these days, Christians and non-Christians alike, have started to evade the act of giving money and alms to the poor as doubts on who’s real or for reel among the beggars and paupers in the streets.

Scammers and organized syndicates have used and abused the weakness of our poor brethren. Yet a lot us do not take the extra step to save them. We don’t want to get disturbed on our way to work or on our way back home. We don’t want to get dirty.

They’re not just worth our time.

So where do we give our offering to the poor without “helping the criminals”?

I am personally introducing to you two foundations that touch our family the most:

He Cares Foundation

 photo HeCaresMission_zpsfc1e398a.jpg


Jesus Loves The Little Children Foundation

 photo JLLCF_zpsa1516adb.jpg

They both take care of the orphaned and teach them how to become good children of God.

To give a portion of yourself to these foundations, you may get in touch with Joe Dean Sola of He Cares Foundation and Chito and Rachel Sanchez of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation (JLLCF).

You may also support my 12-song CD project called Vines Entwined via ArtisteConnect by pledging an amount indicated on the right side of the page. Aside from giving love to these children, you also become part of the CD project.

Is giving money to the poor a crazy idea?

Perhaps, Yes. God himself is so crazy for us he gave the poor and corrupted people in us, His only begotten Son.

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