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Investment Hacks That Will Make Your 2017 a Different Year

As 2016 draws to a close, do you feel you have achieved all your financial goals? If it’s a yes, you deserved a pat on the back, otherwise, you could just be in the same group as those who couldn’t afford a Christmas gift or dinner this year. Nevertheless, here are some investment strategies for 2017 to get you a bigger bank account.

It’s no secret, the only way to have more money is to actually make it grow. Saving is just one part of the equation then investments complete the whole balance. But like many, you may feel a bit intimated about the word investment. However, it’s not as hard as it sounds, and many wealthy investors today at one point were in the same position you are.

Despite the political uncertainties of countries like the USA and Britain, 2017 is actually predicted to be a good year for investors. The US, in particular, will have a wave of growing investments special stock market assets. The markets seem to be shifting in favour of equities.


Despite the political wariness in the US, the same State’s economy is set to rise after pro-growth policies that will be implemented by the Trump’s government. If you want to invest right now, you can start with trading U.S. equities. Financial experts say that earnings from equities are predicted to rise by 8% come next year. There are several factors that are currently contributing towards this outcome, one of them being the recent stabilisation of oil prices.

If this does convince you to invest in US equities, then think in the line of healthcare, real estate and technology. The Trump administration is set to make amends on the current US healthcare systems, which hopefully will tone down the hefty regulations that once governed the system. Technology is the future as we all know and in the US, the cloud computing concept is quickly rising and more investors are buying into the idea. The Asian Pacific real estate will also be looking good next year for both US and Non-US investors.

Things are looking great in the energy sector as well, especially when the Trump government fully takes governance. So this is the right time to go through your CMC Markets account and put your money on the existing or emerging oil companies in the US. This could be the likes of Exxon Mobil or Chevron. There will still be room for renewable energy to make the market, so have that in mind as well.


Bitcoin in 2017

The reality on Bitcoin is that it’s still a speculative currency to many investors. But here is the good news, the high volatility that was once a characteristic of Bitcoin is slowly ebbing away. More investors are buying into the idea of Bitcoin as a legitimate form of currency and there are some good reasons why. If you go through your markets indices, or any other online trading app available, you will definitely see Bitcoin listed, with a trading index of about 40%

Bitcoin doesn’t behave the same way as most of the currency pairs in the market. It is not affected by government policies or any political unrest. But as technology continues to grow, so is the future of Bitcoin. Around 2014 is when the Bitcoin concept was picking up in the stock markets, it traded at $320 a unit. By the close of 2016, Bitcoin is already trading at $710 a unit, double the price index as before. Do you still need to be convinced of the outcome in 2017?


The only way to earn your financial freedom come 2017 is to start making your money grow. Everyone else is getting ready to spend money on Christmas niceties, probably money they don’t have. But for you, start thinking about stock market assets and which ones are more appealing to you. The future for energy, technology, real estate and Bitcoin is definitely looking brighter.

Do you need to be an expert to trade in stock market assets? Absolutely not, the mobile apps already made everything simple and all you need to do is act on the useful information and alerts that get sent to you.



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