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Invest in Your Core Gift: Darryl’s Quest for The Voice

Let me take a breather from all the money topics I’ve been blogging lately to give way to a talent and music-related story that I would like to share and promote to my dear readers.

I have always been a supporter of people who are passionate on their craft are appreciating their blessings by using their core gifts to enrich themselves and to inspire others.

My friend, Darryl Shy, now 44 years old, has just been chosen and made it to the first round of the Blind Audtions of The Voice of the Philippines‘ debut run.

Honestly, this is the first time that I will follow the Voice, albeit the local version, not only because Darryl is a friend and kumpare but because I know that he’s got the words and music ready to clean the long-corrupted ears of the Filipino mainstream music listeners. His music is just so awesomely powerful.

Darryl and me during a guitar track recording session

How Darryl Passed the Auditions

I asked my kumare and fellow OFW UsapangPiso/Angat Pilipinas Coalition advocate, Ann Angala-Shy, how Darryl made it to the Blind Auditions and here’s how it all happened.

When the Voice staff went to Baguio, he was asked to audition.  He went on Day 1 but backed off and went home din kasi daming tao, then the staff coincidentally went to his gig.  Then he was again asked to go, so he went. Umalis na naman kasi all the auditionees were young and aspiring singers, so feeling uneasy, he left again.

On the last day, tinawagan na naman sya and he decided to better just give it a try.  After a few weeks he was asked to go to Manila and be part of the Blind Auditions, and finally made it.

This is from the Voice of the Philippines website:

Darryl is a singer, songwriter, and an indie music producer. He used to own a mobile recording studio which he brought to his client for on-site recording and/or mixing; including names like Joey Ayala. Darryl has over 1,000 original songs, but one of his original music (earlier draft) “Lately” (which he co-wrote with multi-awarded director and top-notch songwriter Khavn dela Cruz) was used in Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual’s movie “Don’t Give Up on Us” where Piolo portrayed the role of a highland local musician.

One of his first mastered instruments was an electric guitar. His current acoustic guitar, “Woody” is 17 turning 18 years old, was a gift by his wife. His ever-dependable guitar was picked personally by former Eraserheads personality -Ely Buendia.

Darryl is giving himself this one last shot at music to give way for his family’s need of financial security. Good thing, two chairs turned and he’s now part of Team Lea.

Sharing The Core Gift with Passion

I’ve known Darryl and Ann since 2004 from the time when “acoustic” became “in” again. Those were the Fiestamundo up to the IndiePilipinas days. Everyone in the family really loves music and arts. Perhaps that’s what keeps their relationship stronger everyday.

When my wife and I got married in 2007, Darryl played a couple of songs for us at the reception. Lahat gutom na pero they stopped chewing and munching when he sang and played his version of Asin’s “Himig ng Pag-ibig”.

His performance was so passionate and dearly unforgettable. Cliche as it may sound, but Darryl always performs as if it was always his last one. That’s how he loves his music and his songs and he wants to share them all to more people.


Listen and watch Darryl as he swept off the feet of coaches Lea Salonga and Allan “” Pineda with his rendition of “Tatsulok”.

Hit it, bro!

His songs and his album are long overdue. We need to hear them now or just leave them as MP3 files in Darryl’s PC. I’m asking my readers to support Darryl in the next sessions of the Voice of the Philippines by gluing your eyes and ears on ABS-CBN.

Just one last comment, how could Bamboo say “That’s mine!” to Tatsulok when it’s actually a song originally written by Rom Dongeto and performed by another kumpare of mine that goes by the royal name of Noel Cabangon???

Mabuhay ka, Darryl! You’re the Voice! :)

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