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“I’m Not Sir Cheap” (Time for Rewards)

We were so happy a week ago (January 28, 2013 to be exact) because the Philippine Stock Exchange index rallied to 6,192.42. Remember a week ago when I wrote “While We’re Taking Profits, You’re Still Not Investing”?

Well, where are we now? PSEi reached 6,470.49 today lang naman, Sir Chief fans. That’s 278.07 points up in just a week.

This is to debunk a humorous commenter’s accusation that I’m a miser and I act like Uncle Scrooge for being too stingy as a long-term investor and as a frugal person.Well, guess what? I do celebrate and I am generous. But only if I have the cash.  Just like today. 😛

After all, I allocate one slot in my portfolio for short-term investing/trading. That’s where I get my cash to celebrate. The rest are for medium to long-term investing.

Note: I’m not watching that ABS-CBN soap. My wife does. (Wooshoo!!!)

Reasons To Celebrate and Get Rewards Today

I’ve got three reasons to celebrate this very beautiful day. Let’s start off with reason numero uno.

1) Sold my AGI (Alliance Global Inc.) shares at 19% gain. I bought AGI in January 9, 2013 and hit the target price this afternoon.

Why celebrate? Because it’s 19% profit! Do you think I would have gained that much if I just left that cash in my ATM card in less than a month?

AGI owns some of the country’s favorite new malls like Newport, Lucky Chinatown, and Eastwood Mall. It also owns several food and real estate companies.

Don’t worry, AGI. We’ll surely cross our paths again soon.

Eastwood Mall
Eastwood Mall at Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City
2) My wife lost 30 pounds in just 6 months! That’s halfway already towards her target weight by the end of April 2013.

Her amazing diet program isn’t the usual “i-need-to-get-hungry-so-i-could-lose-weight-soon”. She still eats anything she wants like ice cream, chocolates, tapsilog, fried chicken, beef, pizza, etc. but in moderate quantities only.

We agreed that if she reaches that target we will celebrate it with a large Chicken Supreme Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hut and some cans of San Miguel NAB. And that’s today! See? I’m not sir Cheap! 😛

Hay, haven’t eaten pizza in 5 months already until now. Can I just take a bite?

stuffed crust san mig

Burrpp….okay, thank you.

Not let me show you how my wife’s motivation and discipline achieved halfway her quest to bring back her old gorgeous physical form in just 6 months. “Before” was from June last year and “After” was actually from 3rd week of January this year.

I think sir Chief is doing great motivating my wife Maya, este, Monica.


3) My very cute daughter Ruru finally singing clearly her mom’s favorite song “Please Be Careful With My Heart”. Obviously inspired by that cheesy ABS-CBN soap (oopss..).

Aren’t these good things reasons enough to celebrate TODAY?

Enjoy the concert! 😀

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Photo credit: Eastwood Mall by Howard the Duck

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