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How To Set Up Your EIP Account with COL Financial

About two weeks ago, I posted a topic how to invest in Philippine stocks via the broker COL Financial.

While that post was mainly intended for overseas Filipino workers or OFW’s who do not have the luxury to go back to the Philippines to open their first stock market portfolio, anyone interested to start investing via COL Financial may refer to the procedures and requirements I wrote there.

I know it’s a bit overdue and I have not posted yet the procedures on how to set up your EIP stocks via the COL Financial platform should you opt to open an account with them.

Setting Up Your EIP (Easy Investment Program) Portfolio

For most of those who started investing with COL Financial when they were still Citiseconline, using the new COL Financial beta site may not be too comfortable. However, it’s important that all of us using the old Citiseconline platform start to get familiarized with the new website before COL decides to take down the old one.

You have to know that your portfolio in the new COL Financial website is already net of VAT, sales taxes, charges, and commissions. In short, the bottom figures that you will be seeing in the new website are the true figures of what you either gained or lost.

You can still use the Citiseconline website though to buy (or sell) your stocks and monitor your portfolio if you want to. You will also be scheduling your EIP stocks buying here.

Since COL Financial has not yet prepared a new video tutorial on how to set up the EIP carrying the COL Financial name, I’ll be showing you instead the old Citiseconline’s COL-EIP Startup Guide tutorial video for you to get started already.

For the first time investors, I know you all are too excited to invest in your initial 5k. But don’t stop there. Do this monthly or quarterly. Use this strategy to minimize the risk and to lessen the need to constantly monitor the market.

So here’s the COL-EIP tutorial video from COL Financial.

If you experienced some nose-bleeding during or after listening to or watching the video, just leave a comment below so I could explain the details further to you.

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4 thoughts on “How To Set Up Your EIP Account with COL Financial”

    1. Mary Grace, you need to open a portfolio with a stockbroker like COL Financial, Philstocks, BPI-Trade, FirstMetroSec. The process is almost the same as opening a new bank account. When you finally opened your investment portfolio, you are actually ready to buy shares of any listed company at the PSE like JFC (Jollibee).

      Please read my previous post: so that you will be guided on how to open an account with COL Financial, if you want them to be your stockbroker.

  1. Hello sir. I have sibling – my brother who can really use your coaching as he is first time investor. He is interested in opening a COL EIP account and he has just started working and earning late last year. I told him that it is a good way to start, but invest only in the amount he can commit himself too monthly. He is currently educating himself through pesos and sense episodes but im afraid i will not be able to answer all his questions as I have very little experience in investing myself. I worked 7 years and i am now overseas and yet all i left my family was debt.i do not want my brother making the same financial mistakes I did. Please advise me on how he can get in touch with you.

    1. Hi Micky. Where is your brother based? If he is in Metro Manila, he may attend COL’s free seminars on basic stock investing. He may also set a personal finance coaching appointment with me through 09162953058. Happy new investing year!

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