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How To Delay Gratification And Not To Delay Getting Rich

It’s great to know that after a year has passed listening to experienced mentors, someone is improving in terms of finances. And he or she has become more blessed to pay the knowledge and their wealth forward.

On the other hand, it’s sad to hear that after a year of delaying that decision to grow your money, you end up with almost nothing today. Just because.

I’m not gonna provide the reasons. I couldn’t remember what excuses you told me last year. What I remember telling you was that regardless of what your financial status back then, you have to start growing your little money while doing your best to eliminate your debts.

But still you didn’t pursue to accomplish any of the two. Just because.

Rewind-Fast Forward

You have been taught how to invest in the stock market. You said it’s complicated and you are scared you will lose your money. Just because.

You were given a suggestion to invest in a mutual fund for a start. Because you won’t need to monitor the market all the time. You only need to continue putting in small amounts regularly. Every month at least.

You could have started with just Php1,000 in June 2012. But instead of that, you spent your Php10,000 midyear incentive from that time up to this day on various unaccountable expenses (Assuming it was spent on cigarettes, liquor, pamporma clothings, Kobe/Jordan shoes, travel & leisure, etc.).

If you invested that Php10,000 instead in equity or index funds (via mutual funds or UITF) in June 2012, you would have earned at least Php3,572 (35.72% profit) this December 23, 2015 despite the sideways or downward movement of the market.


Sowing In Times of Famine

“There was another famine in the land besides the early one during the time of Abraham…Isaac sowed crops in that land, and that year he harvested a hundred times as much as he had sown, because the Lord blessed him. He continued to prosper and became a very rich man.” – Genesis 26: 1 & 12-13

You may have been going through a lot of trials. You have been accumulating tons of problems, pains, and financial hardships. But you have to remember that God is bigger than all these worries. His love and wisdom are larger than what you are going through.

But God wants us to sow in famine. To plant during the time of lack. It is when we have little or nothing at all that God showers us the seeds of abundance. It is for us to take those seeds of prosperity and plant them for us to harvest in the future.

But we need to change our ways and attitude towards money. We need to delay gratification a little bit. Sure, some seeds are edible and great to munch on. But isn’t it more enjoyable to feast on the fruits of the tree?

Being poor is only in the mind. We have to remember that God wants us to prosper. He wants us to become rich. We just need to do our part.

Invest the little money that you have instead of spending it right away. Wait a little bit and you will soon enjoy your blessings even more.

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  1. So true… a lot of people keeps on praying to God for financial blessings but do things contrary to their prayers. They always think tat God will provide. Yes God provides the solution but we have to ACT on it. Hindi pwede laging spoon feeding.

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